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Organized Chaos! [Open]

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"The feelings mutual, I've never been to one either," she responded back to Bert before glancing over towards Leon. She had met him before, a familiar and at the least friendly face for her to spot in a crowd. One could guess that she wasn't at home in a crowd at all and would rather be in its periphery, and if anything, somewhat above it, able to see over and know exactly where things are instead of getting lost in a horrid crowd that she wanted no real part of.


Her view on the paper boy quickly changed when he spoke of her being forced to room with Neko. For whatever damned reason there was, the two just didn't get along, almost like a strange sort of territorial dispute, "No estoy viv...blurted out before stopping herself and calming down before speaking again. There was another new student, different. They seemed to have an accent as well, potentially from out of State or even out of country, "I politely refuse the terms."

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Neko stared unblinkingly at Leon for a long moment - then bit him on the hand. It wasn't hard enough to break the skin but it definitely left a mark before she turned and ran away, scuttling on all fours past the crowd and up into one of the many trees that overlooked the quad. Up in the trees, her cheeks flushed a bright red, she settled herself on a branch and folded her arms around her legs. Oh! Oh he can tell, and he doesn't care! It was not the most traumatic thing that had ever happened to the timelost feline but for the moment she felt her heart break in her chest as she buried her face in her knees. 


For her part, Holly stared, eyes wide, then seemed to shrug it off. "Animal totems have that problem a lot," she told Leon confidentially, "I'm sure Claremont will help her. Is your hand okay?" she added sympathetically, reaching out to touch it. 


"H-hey, nice," said Bert, who seemed to be coming out of his shell a little around such friendly people. "Guess I'm not the only...one that doesn't look baseline," he added limply, obviously having edited himself as he spoke. "Hey," he asked, "w-what's your favorite song, Carmen?" 


Meanwhile, having made friends with Luke, Gwen was buddying up with the newly-arrived giant. "BEHOLD AND WELL MET! I AM GWEN JACKSON!" they  declared, clapping the ice teen on the shoulder. "From what realm do you hail!?



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Leon hadn’t noticed the look on Neko’s face at his teasing joke. He was busy trying to put Bert at ease. And his attempt seemed to work as the boy visibly relaxed. As Jonah approached he couldn’t not notice the boy.

“Lotta tall ones this year.”

He chuckled as he introduced himself.

“Jonah, huh? Ya, I’m gonna be calling you Big Blue.”

He chuckled as he checked his clipboard before smiling over at Carmen.

“I was kiddin-“

He started to say when Neko nipped his hand and ran off.


Leon yelped more out of surprise than pain. He looked back in time to see the cat girl flee up the nearby tree. He frowned a little before smiling back at Holly.

“It’s fine.”

Leon glanced at his hand then held it up.

“See, no harm no foul.”

He shot a glance back at the tree again, his expression softening. He gave Holly an apologetic smile and thumbed back at the tree.

“I should see to that before someone calls the fire department about a cat in a tree.”


Everyone else seemed to be getting along so Leon took the chance to slip away. He approached the tree casually. Setting the clipboard down he leaned against it and produced a piece of paper.

Humming quietly, he smiled as he began to hand fold it this way and that. A few moments later a simple paper butterfly sat in his palm. Lifting his eyes towards the branch’s above he gave it a little toss and it was airborne.

It’s paper wings flittering as it lazily circled upwards towards the huddled girl amongst the branches.

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Jonah watched the whole exchange, his eyes widening, and he then made an understated, "Huh." 


Then cane the swarm of activity, and he pulled his hand back, before Gwen smacked his shoulder, with a dense thunk as the impact of their hand was enough to sting their palm a little, he was skinny in that way of someone who grew recently and was starting to fill out. The big rangy, blue guy nodded at Gwen. "Uh, Denver, Colorado?" He didn't seem shy, so much as processing Gwen's exuberance.


And before he could Leon added the whole Big Blue, and that is when his brows furrowed into an impressive display, heavy as they were and deep set as his eyes were. Annoyance crossing like a thunderstorm, but it didn't quite get to his voice, "Huh. Yappy." And to his credit was only a small bit of cold on the warm day.


Fixing his face as Leon went off to only add fuel to the fire, he looked back to everyone else, Gwen included, "Yah, Colorado, mo-," he caught himself on the first Dutch syllable, "...mom was a professor there. Though she's at FCU now that I am here."


Though he almost made a sympathetic face to Bert, but well that guy was paying more attention to Carmen. Which, fair.


"Anyone here local and know of any good climbing gyms?"

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On 9/14/2022 at 4:34 AM, Avenger Assembled said:

At that moment, a puffy cloud of pink butterflies formed nearby, took a humanoid shape - and promptly transformed itself into a slight, slim figure with pointed ears and bright pink hair cut short. "What ho! Holly, who are these fine specimens?" Holly quickly introduced Gwen, whose pronouns were they/them, a traveler and mystic from the realms of the fae. Gwen beamed at the phrase, then admitted, "My mother was, I am a Butterfly in the garden of such magic." Their eyes set on Luke and they declared, "Is that a dragon in manflesh? I have one of your kind in my service. How wonderful! Why did we not hang out with them before?



'A dragon in manflesh...' "Sounds almost dirty you know." The young man teased playfully. "Anyway, Luke, aka Nightscale, at your service. Gwen. Holly, nice to meet, you two" He grinned, bowing his head a little and saluting the newcomers. "You have dragons in your garden? Sounds cool. " He chuckled. "I should definitely pay a visit one of these days..." He added enthusiastically. "I mean if you would have me." He continued, enjoying Gwen's enthusiastic attitude, besides it was not like he was swimming in chances to meet others of his kind. 


"That's cool." He smiled at Simon's shapeshifting demonstration, tempted to show off a bit himself, but unfortunately that would have required clearing out the area a bit, or finding some place where he could fully stretch his wings... Next time...  


On 9/13/2022 at 3:29 PM, Spacefurry said:

“There you are.”

He addressed Luke and gave his roommate a fist-bump and teased him with a wave of the clipboard he was holding. Luke hadn’t been the only one who had pick the wrong day to volunteer.

“Having fun yellin at the noobs? I could hear you across the promenade.”


"Yeah definitely. You should try sometimes." Luke grinned, waving at his roommate, nodding as he realized that the boy had volunteered to help with the mess as well. 


Speaking of which, apparently there was a situation forming between a bunch of freshmen that required his attention... The boy shook his head, deciding to forget that he himself had gotten into fights at school as well during his first year. "Duty calls..." He bowed his head again and saluted the group of students.  




Angry growling could be heard from the courtyard as the teenage dragon did his best to quell the commotion, with his characteristic patience and understanding (none of it), but eventually, the situation seemed to calm down and the boy did manage to return among the small crowd of friends at Neko's and Owain's stand. Noticing that the crowd has grown in his short absence.


"Hey... What's up noobs?" He greeted the newcomers, with a wide grin. "Hope Leon is not scaring you too much about Claremont." He teased, his attention shifting toward Neko now hiding on topo of a tree. Uh... ok... He winced


19 hours ago, Spacefurry said:

“I should see to that before someone calls the fire department about a cat in a tree.”



"Well we should call a superhero or somethin'" He smiled, confident that his roomie will find a way to defuse the situation (especially after that day at the pool). "Oh wait..."


12 hours ago, TheAbsurdist said:

"Anyone here local and know of any good climbing gyms?"


"None that beats what we have at school..." The young ma suggested. "I mean, got everything for people like us, plus more..." Plus, since he got superpowers normal gyms weren't exactly an option anyway. "For me, it sure beats trying to bench press cars at the junkyard." He smiled. Yep. Definitely. 


"Welcome by the way." He added, introducing himself to Maddi, Bert and Jonah, shortly thereafter.


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Simon wasn't quite ready for the crowd that gathered, and, so, slowly slipped away. He doubted anyone noticed, or cared all that much. Then, Neko climbed up the tree.


He slipped in to cat form, walked around the tree, and hopped up the other side.


He climbed on to a nearby branch and curled up comfortably.


"Don't mind me." He said, one yellow eye glancing at the girl. "Just enjoyin' one of my favorite spots on campus. I ain't good with all these people just yet." 

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