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Dogs and Cats (OOC)

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Okay, guy is bruised! 


Wolf Guy goes for the Patriot. 


https://orokos.com/roll/954081 = 13


And misses! 


The Patriot Bluffs him - 25!

His Sense Motive - is pretty good! (26) 


She's still gonna shoot at him tho! 


https://orokos.com/roll/954084 20 


Just barely hits. 


Tou vs 25 

https://orokos.com/roll/954085= 22 


He takes another bruise, and you are back up as soon as I post IC 

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Yes, I'm afraid so! 


Okay, with two bruises on him, guy goes for Patriot again: 


https://orokos.com/roll/954269 11!


Okay, this time she's going to Intimidate him. 25


He resists - but fails - https://orokos.com/roll/954271


Time to see what we can do here. 


+5PA with pistols 


https://orokos.com/roll/954272 21! And rolled an 18, so that's an improved crit. 


10+5 (PA)+5(Crit)+2 Sneak Attack 


22+15=a Tou save of 37!


https://orokos.com/roll/954273 actually a very good roll, so he is bruised x3 and staggered - but he might not be able to keep this up for much longer

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