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OOC thread for this thread with @Avenger Assembled's Fast-Forward visiting a family of supervillains.


For starters, Notice (min DC 15, max DC 30), for clues in the house


At a glance, Richard notices that the son he's met, Michael, quickly changed from a gentle, normal, if unusually athletic child into a glowering pinnacle of physicality that rivals Jack Simmons' propaganda art. Mementos of his life events, especially sports trophies, are displayed prominently throughout the house. There was also a daughter the Cutlers never mentioned, introduced or even hinted at, named 'Melissa', with much sparser and less-obvious tokens of her life. 


per 5 DC increments: 


15 - Both appear to have attended the same Claremont-esque (but much larger, more modern and more thickly-populated) private school. Michael is surrounded in his photos by various flunkies and hangers-on and toadying faculty members, while Melissa is largely alone in hers. The one that isn't, showing her and a small group of other teens, has been vandalized and repaired.


20 - The clutter is so profuse that a slower eye wouldn't have noticed it, but several of the largest photos have been removed from the walls very recently, and smaller ones spread out to take up the space. Of particular interest is the one at the centre of a series showing Michael's rapid physical changes and increasing feats of strength and agility.


25 - Also removed are one of Preston's prized gimmick baseball bats, crossed with its twin over a mantlepiece, and replaced with an obviously normal one. The difference in dust makes clear that this didn't just happen recently, but today.


30 - There's a lavish, full-scale cross-section of the Liberty Dome in one of the sitting rooms, with a tiny 'X' drawn on the model's wall exactly where the real Dome was attacked.

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Okay, Medicine at DC 10 to stabilize Mike (thanks to his powers and some medical equipment in the base, it's relatively easy), DC20 to keep him both stable and awake, otherwise he falls unconscious again.


Wisdom or Sense Motive checks at max DC20 to figure any problems with his story.

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Alrighty, Mike stabilizes and stays conscious as his healing factor gets a chance to work, and Richard notices some oddities:


1) The lair doesn't have a "doorbell" or any kind.

2) Mike was shot in the side, not in the front.

3) He's definitely lying and trying to protect the identity of whoever attacked him. 

4) His story is clearly made up on the spot, at least as regards the attack, given the gunshot in a quiet stadium and an assassin who just leaves without followup. The rest of the story seems true, after a cursory check of the lair.

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That overcomes her flat-footed Defence by a lot and we'll say she doesn't attempt to avoid it and it temporally-freezes her, however it also causes Melissa's previously unseen guardian(s) to leap into action. Have a Hero Point for the ambush, and please roll initiative. The Whiteouts roll: 8


Whiteout the duplicating nullifier(Using your Nullifier build advanced to PL12 with the addition of Nullify(Duration: Sustained), Duplication(Heroic) and Concealment(Visual, Phantasm, Passive)) tries to nail Fast-Forward with a fast flurry of Stuns. Attack rolls: 14, 15, 19, 19, 30. Most of them miss, but one gets incredibly lucky and lands a hit. With the Autofire, that upgrades the DC by +1. DC23 Will save vs Stun.

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Richard hasn't rolled an 8 on initiative since he was 8 = 44


Considered what to do about this attack but I'll settle for spending an HP to shake the daze from the Stun (which he failed by 2). 


I'll hold off the combat posting till you post - I've edited to reflect Richard's attack. 

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He can't drop the big Theurgy effects with the paralyzed girl right there - so instead he'll go for: 

Damage 10 (goon-sweeper, Extras: Area [Targeted, Shapeable], Penetrating [6], Selective, PFs: Accurate 2) {38/38}

https://orokos.com/roll/972634 let me know if a 23 is good enough, if not I'll reroll.


He'll keep spamming Move-By Action so he doesn't wind up in melee range of any of the dupes at the end of his turn. 



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Sorry Avenger the Nullifier's got a DEF of +14 at PL10, and at PL12 that'd be a +16, that'll require a reroll.


On the I feel reasonable chance the reroll hits, I'll take the spoiler off the Toughness checks: 


25, 23, 22, 22, 10, resulting in 3 Bruises and one Knockout.


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Okay, so, the four Whiteouts take their turn:


With one Knocked Out, the lead Whiteout accidentally reveals themselves when they use their Duplication power to re-create them. Taking a stage of Fatigue, they activate Total Defence, raising their to-hit number to 30.


The others keep up the Stun barrage, except for the newly-created one that will act next round: 28, 22, 19. Two miss but one lands a Critical Hit! A DC 27 Will check, please.  



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He's gonna try and Bluff the duplicates into getting out of the area - and then he's gonna do this


Teleport 12 (1200 ft/20 million miles) (hasty light of the Pleiades; Extras: Affects Others, Area [burst]) {48/48}


He is going to teleport back to Melissa's parents house - taking her with! The duplicator guy might come too, depending on if they get fooled.

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