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Family Portrait (IC)

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Smiling, Neko went into action, her 'camera' revealing itself to be a hovering red robotic ladybug that zipped around her, and around Patrioteen, before settling into position on top of her laptop. She made sure her guest had water and so did she, then settled into position for what increasingly seemed like her work - or at least how she would earn her pocket money - for as long as she was at Claremont. They figured out how things would go, she would make her introduction and then introduce the Patrioteen, then they would move into the questions. She counted down for Sharaf with her hand, mouthing 'now' just before they began. 

As the peppy tune of Kimini 100 Percent played and Red's eyes glowed visibly, she danced in her seat, yellow eyes wide and smile big, and then when it was done she said "Konichi-Wa! Welcome to my livestream of Catgirl Reacts! Thank you as always to our sponsor the Espadas Self-Defense Studio! Remember, if you want to kick butt-" she punched the air like a child playing at boxing, "and look good doing it, do it the Espadas way!" it was obviously memorized, but she said it with great enthusiasm. "Yes hello, I am so happy to see everyone, hello!" she greeted a few people by name in the chat before she said 


"I am happy today that I have a very special guest to meet you! The famous teen hero Patrioteen!" Red turned around to show Sharaf as Neko declared, "This will be my first live interview with a celebrity guest! Konichwassup, Patrioteen!" 

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Sharaf made sure he was smiling and looked relaxed as they went live, and that he was looking mostly at the camera (not too directly, so as not to unnerve viewers). He allowed her to go through her entire "intro" statement before speaking, though he made sure to wave when she gave his name.


"Hello everyone! Thanks for having me on your show! I'm really happy to be here, and I hope everyone out there enjoys today's episode."

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"Thank you very much," agreed Neko pleasantly. "It looks like we have a very busy chat today," she said, looking down at the laptop in front of her. "I will start with a question from the audience to start things up. Our first question is from BadWitch666, a big fan of the show. She wants to know..." Neko hesitated fractionally, shrugged, then asked Sharaf, 'Are you a cop?'" 

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"The short answer is 'no'.

Sharaf gave the camera a gentle smile, while hoping Ashley wouldn't kill him for this later.

"The longer answer is 'not really'. Due to being a minor, which isn't really a secret, it's in my name, I literally cannot be an actual Police Officer. I only have 'authority' to step in and help with either Natural Disasters, or Super Villains. In both cases because I've got abilities a lot of folks don't. And, I mean, as far as I'm concerned, I have a responsibility to use my abilities to help people. But on an official level, I mostly just help catch supervillain types and keep folks safe. I don't hand out speeding tickets."

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"Ah yes," said Neko, nodding at Sharaf's words. "Very interesting indeed," she added, carefully pronouncing the words. "You would be...one of the good ones," she said brightly.  She looked down at chat, scrolled through the many comments there, and then decided to fall back on one of the standard questions she'd gotten from Merlin. "What is your favorite kind of food?" 

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"I guess that's one perspective, yes." He really hoped that one didn't make Ashley mad at him, he'd tried to be 'deft' about it! 


Her next question had him smiling.

"This is a fun one! It's a bit tough, but I'd say my favorite kind of food is what a lot of places call 'rice bowls'. Basically, a mixture of meat and vegetables, perhaps with some cheese or other dairy items, over rice. Almost every major cuisine group in the world has something like that, at least the ones with more than a century of access to rice. It's deceptively simple, but there's just so much variety you can achieve with that form factor. I tend to prefer Middle Eastern, Indian, and Thai takes on the idea, but the TexMex, Mexican, South American, Chinese, Japanese, and other East Asian takes are all great as well."

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Neko laughed. "You know rice!" She had never heard there was so many ways to make rice with meat - though by now she had tried many. She quickly typed the rice + Patriot emoji into chat, then opined, "You should be a cook." She thought of working in the fields, the mud squishing between her toes, tail twitching behind her as she picked mushrooms behind the house. She had never seen anyone eat so much, or so many things, as she had in the United States. "You should try soba-gome. It is what I ate when I was - a girl, it is rice but - buckwheat." She made a little gesture with her hands, then said "What were you - when you were boy?" 

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Patrioteen grinned and nodded at Neko's exclamation. 
"It's so good and so handy! And that's one of my main thoughts about a career, actually. I'm just kind of dabbling now, though. I'll make a note and see what I can do with soba-gome."


At her question, he blinked, seemingly a touched confused. Then he gave a roguish grin.


"A bit of a brat, my parents tell me. Or were you wanting a bit more than that?"

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