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Girls (And Boys) Just Want To Have Fun (At The Pool) [OPEN]

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Carmen wasn't one to get into the water first, deciding it was best that she find a new reclining seat and lay back. It was high time that she enjoyed herself a little bit. Little to no schoolwork, having only just begun at Claremont, and with the summer sun in the air she was already out of class. It was only natural that she lay back and enjoy, more like a lizard on a hot rock if anything, taking out a refreshing fruity soda drink she had picked up from one of the Hispanic markets, the same kind she would get back on the island. A quick use of a bottle opener and she was relaxing away, mindlessly flicking through a fashion magazine that she had stored away.


She had a few more drinks stored away in a small lunch pal inside her bag, along with some fruits to eat that she had gotten for everyone, even Neko. A simple stretch of her body and she was perfectly content to stay where she was. In fact, Carmen thought she might just never get in that pool where she was, slowly however being enticed at the sight of a barbecue being prepared.

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Neko looked around for a moment, seemingly unsure of herself. She hadn't heard any of the sirens Wilona had mentioned, so maybe the police everyone was worried about weren't coming. She sat down by the edge of the pool, peering at her wide-eyed reflection in the water, then settled down into one of the nearby pool chairs after brushing off a layer of dust. It was obvious that they weren't the first teenagers to come this way, she decided, and so she wasn't going to worry about it. She waved her hand and produced a chuzao shamisen, a curved Japanese guitar, and without taking the time to tune it began picking out notes that nonetheless sounded perfectly formed. 


"Mm." Owain peered at the pool himself, looking uncertain. "How does it stay so clean?" he inquired thoughtfully. "These pools are standing water, they have those cleaning machines...but surely no one tends it here?" He shot an uncertain look at the house, his eyes widening. "Unless..." 

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