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Celebrity Skin (OOC)

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Puma would like to move up towards the window and try not to get spotted from it so she can watch them down below. I got a 30. With permission as well, I'd like to do a notice check then below to see what is going on, getting 17.

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Ok, so I am going to move in to one of the thugs, do an Acrobatic Bluff for a result of 24. Then I'll Surge for an extra Standard action, an attack with her claws resulting in a low 11. I will use a Hero Point to prevent fatigue if that's alright?

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Nah, you've got it! 


The remaining 3 open up on you, since you're hitting them so well! 




That's one hit, but the Patriot will Interpose - and it misses her. 


The Patriot is up! 


She's going to go for the remaining 3 thugs; she'll go for them with her melee attack! 


She'll take 10 and take 'em out - they can't pass her massive Tou save infliction at their PL. 


Okay, lemme post IC 

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You recognize the name August Roman - the most famous enemy of the Centurion, once the kingpin of Freedom City's organized crime, now long dead in 2022. He is much, much younger here than in any of the pictures you've seen of a man who was very old when people your parents' age were young - he's maybe 30? Less? 

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