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It was only a second after Patriot waved her had towards Puma that the young heroine realized that maybe what she had said wasn't the best in terms of dealing with whomever this was, and she was immediately punished for such actions as that. She didn't even feel any change besides her senses quickly having to update to the slight change in the environment, realizing that she was far back on the ground along with Patriot, standing right before the anachronistic thugs that didn't seem all too happy to see them standing before them all of a sudden. In fact, it felt like there was a slight pause between the chaos of them soon taking in the fact that both of them had suddenly appeared out of thin air, whisked away to be before them.


"Mierda," Puma's eyes were wide as a feeling of panic began to spread.

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Puma didn't notice it at first, her senses quickly sensing the change in environment as they were teleported it appeared back down to the ground below. Her mind however quickly caught up and soon without it a moments hesitation five forward on pure instinct. The young heroines fight or flight instincts were firing off, chasing obviously the former as she moved forward towards the center of the grouo, clocking the closest one in range with a clawed strike.


"It's La Puma!" she spoke with an angered look, not liking so many folk calling her some sort of cat. At least to herself she was still Human.


Agile and swift, her movements were almost dancer like, never staying in one place with acrobatic zeal. She would hold herself up with a handstand, kicking at several other of the crooks around her with claws at her feet. While she may show some inexperience with heroing, Claremont looked to be teaching her well enough, barely appearing to break a sweat.

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About half of the thugs went down before La Puma's feline assault; grunting and cursing, throwing aside their weapons as they went down rather than being taken down more forcefully by tooth and claw. But the other half opened fire, old-fashioned Tommy guns rat-a-tatting in a roar of gunfire much louder than any old movie! Luckily all of them missed; except for the shots fired by the man in the rear, a sinister-looking fellow with a thin mustache who took careful aim with an old-fashioned revolver - 


Only to have his bullets bounce off the badge-shaped shield of the Patriot, which erupted from around Ashley's wrist and held the shots as she bulled forward and took that guy out by smashing her bladed baton against his chin. The others went down even faster, the Patriot's batons cracking skulls and knees, knocking them down with a savage fury that matched La Puma's. And for the moment, they had quiet. 

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Puma had made short work of the criminals, save for having missed the more hardened one that was taking aim towards her. In reaction, she put her arms up, as if to stop the bullet that would be coming her way. Closing her eyes, she awaited what could possibly be her end before hearing the ping of metal on metal as several rounds bounced off of Patriot's shield. She'd open them, looking up towards the older and more experienced hero as the fight was quickly finished without any sort of fanfare. Now that the immediate threat was over with, her thoughts went to whomever it was that had sent them down from the fire tower.


"Who the heck was that, how was he able to do something like that?! Estábamos allá arriba, ¿cómo llegamos aquí? (We were up there, how did we get down here?!)" she spoke, speaking partially in Spanish as a feeling of panic began to set in. She had thought that this was just going to be a simple mentorship thing, something to get her mind off of things, or whatever else the school wanted, "This isn't your idea, is it?"

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The Patriot exhaled - and then exclaimed, briefly. "Mary and Joseph! Thank God, I can talk..." She shook her head and looked down at the thugs, then at La Puma Negra. "Quirk is - very powerful. He's an extradimensional entity who has been playing with the heroes of Freedom since I was - well, for a while now. Recently he got married and had a kid, no idea how that works, and it seems Daddy's girl likes to play too. The only way out of the game is to figure out the rules and how to win." She bent down and began searching the unconscious thugs, automatically zip-tying them in advance of their waking up. "Looks like...time travel? Recreations? Could be anything." 

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"So, he is just going to keep playing with us. Just does whatever he wants until they've had their fun," she spoke, quickly making her way towards a fallen wallet. Looking inside, she could see the New Jersey license and a date that she had to double take on. 1933 was far away from the current year, just like the outfits, the cars, the guns, everything. Things were starting to click for her.


"It says August Roman, he's the one Centurion fought in the old days right. Is Quirk able to pull people from time as well?" voice obviously concerned at how powerful this entity could be.

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"What the hell!?" The Patriot, appalled, looked past the teen's hand to confirm what she'd seen. "Well either this is just some bs replicant, or-" 


"No, that's the real deal, I'm afraid," said Quirk, reappearing behind them with a sharp smile and a happily cooing baby. "That really is the one, the only, the original August Roman." 

"Kitty!" declared his daughter, waving her chubby fists in La Puma Negra's direction. 


"The game ends when you decide what you're going to do with him," said Quirk with a smirk. "Killer, criminal, torturer? You can spare the timeline from him now if you're willing to take some action..." 

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