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@Heritage asked for a reputation chart for Max Mars, so here it is:


Gather Information:


DC5: Max is the CEO of consumer electronics giant MarsTech, well known for extravagance and showbiz flair along with famously-good treatment of his employees. He has had numerous relationships over the years, but has made it known that he intends to choose and adopt his successor. He recently moved a small branch of his company to Freedom City, aggressively head-hunting STEM, history and linguistics students in the area.


DC10: Max is good friends with many people in industrial and political spheres, and was largely responsible for the Emerald Cities at the Columbia River delta being sheltered from the global economic downturn in 2008. The Emeralds exclusively use his technology in public services such as transit or communications. He's publicly advocated for privatizing space travel, and backed politicians who make welcoming non-humans into society and/or reducing the funding of NASA part of their platforms.


DC15: Max was pardoned for his past crimes as the armored supervillain the Commander back in the late 20th century, due to joining the heroes and fighting agains the forces of the Terminus in 1993. A considerable fraction of his wealth has gone into restitution for victims of his crimes and propping up the industry of small towns across the USA.


DC20: Max is the single largest land-owner on the West Coast, and is in talks with state governments on the coast and inland with plans to turn over control and cost of major infrastructure projects to him. There have been complaints from other national governments about his purchase and acquisition of newly-discovered alien artifacts all over the globe, though things usually calm down when Max apologizes, pays the requested fine and hands over the objects and gathered data.


DC25: The AEGIS branch in the Emeralds is officially investigating Max and MarsTech for evidence of involvement in organized crime, but has been stalled for well over a decade. The investigation hasn't been closed, it simply hasn't been active. Nobody's seen his first girlfriend, Tammy Spike, since she left town in 1974.

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Sorry Tiff, Heritage.


So the lineup at the start is:


Miracle Girl: Unharmed, 2HP

Stone Heads: Unharmed(x6)-GM

Triakosia: Unharmed, 2HP

Ku Tu the Eternal: Unharmed-GM


Heritage, take us away.


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