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"I can actually speak any human language, and that includes made-up ones, like Esperanto, Klingon and Dothraki," Grim responded to Ghost with a grin. She was however less than enthused when the French hero kissed her hand; she didn't quite yank it back, but she did discreetly wipe it on her thigh.


"Okay, so a moment ago, you said en francais that you 'go where you're orders tell you to go and fight who you're told to fight'." The changeling crossed her arms and shrugged. "So....what are you doing in Jersey? Just curious, is all."


Did she have any good reason to be suspicious? Not really, although perhaps the Hood's manners unfortunately reminded her of her old Belgian nemesis, the Duke.

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Chimera stool quiet as the two older heroes addressed the stranger. They weren’t ‘relaxed’ as she call it, but they weren’t being ‘aggressive’ either. Grimalkin spoke to him in something she recognized as French, but had know idea what she had said, neither did she understand The Hood’s reply. She had to gauge the hero’s reaction. Which was still stand-off-ish.


She glanced in-between Ghost and Grim as they questioned Hood. She shot Impact a look when the kid introduced her but didn’t say anything.

Instead, her attention flickered around them. She was looking for anyone else approaching, wether it be AEGIS or anyone else.

She didn’t want to admit to herself that she was afraid of saying something stupid or sounding like a fool. Something she was making a habit of late, it seemed.

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