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Everyone seems sincere in their emotions and their words - even the one who was mostly a villain in your world. 


They are all a little unsettled by Daphne's appearance as a 12 foot tall Grue. 


That's definitely not the Dark Star you remember.


Hellion is indeed seriously injured but not outside your ability to heal.


Stesha has her baby (who you know about but have never seen) with her. 



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Stesha will do skill mastered 25s on Notice and Sense Motive, mainly trying to get the mood of the group and whether they have any bad intentions, but she's also trying to figure out who the heck this obviously-not-Derrick is. 

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Notice: Nobody here is a Grue but Century Woman is absolutely riddled with nanotechnology - just like a Communion drone? Maybe! What are you going to do about it? 




It occurs to you that Stesha, your coworker who just had a baby about a week ago and who you know for sure is a single mom, brought her baby to work because there was a life-threatening emergency, no one else who could solve it, and she didn't have a babysitter.


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