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Sorry for the long wait.


Alright, Initiative: 19, and Casey should go first with her higher bonus.


Charlie is gonna jump into the thick of it, either going for the big bear or for the civilians, depending on who Casey goes for... but first, barking orders!

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What to know something funny? Terrifica also has gotten a 19. Either of you remember the tiebreaker? :D


Also I've decided how we're going to do this. Go for the monsters or protect the civilians, we'll be in initiative the whole way. But we're gonna do it differently than normal. We're gonna run the whole encounter OOC here first, before any IC posting. The one turn, one post method is a momentum killer, especially when you're me and have ADHD and thus variable interest in and ability to take my turn.


Million Lucky: 26

Zero: 10

Gadget Queen: 5

Jarl: 17


Scourge Bear: 3

Hazard Wolf Alphas (2): 10

Nuisance Wolves (8): 13

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Initiative Order (start of combat)

Million Lucky


Miracle Girl



Nuisance Wolves (8)


Hazard Wolf Alphas (2)

Gadget Queen

Scourge Bear


Super cool, okay. Million Lucky will blow one of the Nuisance Wolves away with a barrage of bullets from her revolvers. Terrifica will Delay for now. This brings up @Heritage. Do you need the scene described further, or are you good to go?

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