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Teaching a Cat Some Tricks

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January 12th, 2022, 4:30 PM

Bayview, not too far from Claremont Academy


The doors to a bank exploded outwards, smoke pouring out into the street, quickly followed by four people in respectively red, yellow, blue and green suits with chaotic white triangle patterns rushing out of the building at great speed, all carrying heavy back.


"Come on!" the man in green yelled, waving for the others to follow. "Let's go!"


The women in blue and yellow and the man in red all seemed to agree, and they all started running down the street, while behind them, people started moving out of the bank, coughing through the smoke.


But, as luck would have it, these dastardly villains were not alone on the street, and they would soon be met with the awesome might of heroes-in-training!

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Leon was a Claremont student in his junior year. His power to control and manipulate paper being his signature. Today though, he strolled down the sidewalk away from the vendor’s cart along side his fellow students. Suddenly, ahead of them, the doors of a bank exploded outwards. The doors bounced off the steps and landed in large broken pieces on the sidewalk. 


“Oh, you have got to be kidding.”

Leon had stopped in his tracks on the sidewalk. A chili-dog in one hand and a soda in the other.

“Not again.” 


As he watched, four people in brightly colored costumes poured out of the hole in the building.

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La Puma Negra:


Had been walking out with a few of the other students at the school in one of the group outings that happened typically on the weekend or during a break. Carmen had tagged along this time, wanting to get out and off the campus as natural curiosity had gotten a hold of her, walking along in the group dressed in a long coat and scarf, hiding most of her features from afar. In both hands she demolished her own pair of chili dogs, reminding her of the ones they had at home back on the island.


She'd hear the explosion before it rockets the door off, dropping both of the half-eaten food items in surprise, dropping one straight to the ground while the other fell to her coat, smearing it before also hitting the concrete. There was a sudden look of anger on her face as she audibly growled, "Those payasos (clowns) are in for it now," throwing off her coat and scarf to reveal a feline like woman of black fur, wearing the blue and yellow color uniform of the school in leotard like fashion.

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"Really?" Luke shook his head disapprovingly. He threw a playful glance toward his roommate as he finished what was left of his own chili dog in one go. Himself, unlike his companions perhaps, he wasn't exactly dressed for wintertime, skipping the coat and going only with an hoodie, sweatpants and sneakers. The perks of being a freakin' creature of myth.


"Now, I promise, it's not always like that..." He chuckled, addressing Carmen playfully. "I mean sometime we don't even get to the hot dog stand before the fun begins..." Then again, it was not like it was much better in he neighborhood he had grown up anyway.


Whatever. He clenched his fists, Golden light shining into his eyes as shades of his true draconic nature began to surface.


Cool. He thought as he watched la Puma Negra getting getting ready for action.




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The man in green was already running, the woman in yellow followed behind him, when the woman in blue called out.


"Uh, Green?" 


"What?" The man in green stopped, turning back to the woman in blue that was pointing towards the three teens across the street, including a catgirl and dragon boy. "Oh. Right."


The man in red, who had been last, came to a stop as he reached the other, while the woman in yellow walked back.


The man in green looked between the others. "Well, what are you waiting for? Don't let them stop us!"

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Puma Chased after them, moving on all fours with a blinding speed before leaping up in the air to kick at the closest one. She'd spin around, aiming to smack her boot straight into the woman in blue's head, "¡Esto es para arruinar mi abrigo! (This is for ruining my coat!)" she cries out, too angry to speak in English. Puma was seemingly more focused on the small things then the fact that they had been robbing a nearby bank. That was only one part of the small list of things she was now angry about.

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“Okay, we do this fast and-“


Not many could get the drop on Leon. So when he barely had paper in hand and Puma was already off like a shot, ya, he was a little surprised.


Paper gave a short whistle. He glanced at Nightscale and smirked.

“Okay, the wallflower is fast. Hurry up slow poke.”

He grinned and followed after Puma at a sprint. Paper swirled into his hand and a long staff formed as he ran. Puma had already delivered a boot-to-the-head to the blue clad villain, he’d leave it to her. With a firm two handed grip on the paper staff he passed the two and swung at the next closest villain. The staff connecting solidly with the colorful criminal.

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“Okay, the wallflower is fast. Hurry up slow poke.”


"Wha-" Ahh right. The supervillains. Luke watched as both Puma and Paper dashed against the color-themed would be bank robbers, with little luck. They felt like they were made of some pretty tough stuff, didn't they?  Whatever.


"Hey. What's up with the triangles? I mean you ran out of themes and, play station buttons was all that was left?" He teased. 


Again... Whatever.


The teenage dragon spent a few moments 'assessing the scene' and then moved in to tackle the man in red. "You are not going a way sir."

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"Wait, what?" The man in red didn't really seem to understand what was happening before Nigthscale was on him, grasping on to the tall man. "Boss! It's a freaking dragon!" He struggled against him for a moment, before opening his mouth again. Energy gathered inside for a brief second, then let loose a wave of bright blue, almost white, energy straight at Nightscale's face.


Blue stepped back, grimacing at La Puma Negra after taking the hit, but didn't look like it bothered her all that much. "I got some kinda cat here!" She put her hands up in a boxing position, while she grinned slightly. "C'mon then, kitty." She took a quick step forward, throwing a step towards La Puma Negra's guts.


The woman in yellow screamed and threw up her arms, with Paper's weapon glancing off a yellow energy shield. "What the hell? Is that... is that some kind of paper? What the hell man!?" She pushed her right hand forward towards Paper, only to see him move out of the way before the yellow burst of telekinetic energy flew out where he stood just before.


"Guys, guys! They're just kids! Just flatten them!" Green threw his hand upwards, green lightning arcing off his hand and arm, to the ground and up towards Paper, crackling over his body.

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Carmen (La Puma Negra):


While Puma struck with a ferocity, her attack was easily absorbed by a block that did little damage if any, and for her own troubles as her compatriots followed suit, she was struck hard in the gut, grimacing from the strike. She growled like an animal in response, claws out as she tried to attack back the one that had hit her, "Grahh!!" she cried out, slashing out at her.


A catwoman, a dragonman, and a guy who could control paper. Carmen was thinking that maybe her own appearance wasn't that unusual as she had once thought as she slashed out.

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On 1/17/2022 at 7:40 AM, RocketLord said:

"What the hell? Is that... is that some kind of paper? What the hell man!?" 


“As a matter of fact, yes.”

Leon smirked at the yellow clad woman as he dodged her strike. He spun the staff as he looked for an opening.

On 1/17/2022 at 7:40 AM, RocketLord said:



"Guys, guys! They're just kids! Just flatten them!" Green threw his hand upwards, green lightning arcing off his hand and arm, to the ground and up towards Paper, crackling over his body.


‘Just kids? How rude.’

Leon thought as he regarded his opponent. He saw an opening and readied to strike when crackling green energy wracked his body. The attack left him leaning on the staff for support for a moment as he caught his breath.

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 "Boss! It's a freaking dragon!" 


"Yep, you got it right. A freakin' dragon. Surrender already, will you?" Luke chuckled.


"Sorry dude, you're gonna have to try harder."   The young man smirked as the energy from Red's attack washed away on his flesh.


Although, he had to concede that it would have much likely sounded more badass if he had actually managed to do something to the guy in turn wouldn't it? Well at least red was still locked in his grasp and unable to leave, a minor consolation.

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The man in red stared at Nightscale and how easily he had just taken the hit, then started struggling, pushing at him, trying desperately to break the hold.


"Stand still, kitty!" The woman in blue tried to kick at La Puma Negra, but with little luck. The cat woman was simply too fast for her to catch like this. She pushed back, jumping several meters away from her opponent to put some distance between them.


The woman in yellow laughed nervously at Paper as he struggled, then raised her right hand up, before clenching her first. Yellow energy gathered around him, quickly closing in to hold him in place. He had but a moment to get out of the way. Would he be fast enough?


The man in green, the leader of the group, ran up to Nightscale and the man in red. Green lightning crackled around his fist as he threw a punch towards the dragon.

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Puma dodged the kick, the fight getting intense as the woman in blue jumped back. Not wanting her to get away that easy, she quickly closed the distance with impressive land speed, like a blur almost as she sped forward with a fury in her eyes, "¡No te estás alejando de mí fácilmente! (You aren't getting away from me easy!)" she growled in her native tongue. The feline woman moved with impressive footwork, looking as if she was going to try and sweep the legs, only to come up with her claws out for an impressive uppercut.


"Take this!" she cries out at the apex of the strike.

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Paper leaned caught his breath as he shook off the shock of Green’s attack. He’d have to keep an eye out for a repeat of that one. On the edge of his vision he registered movement.
Yellow raised a hand and he could see the yellow energy gathering around him. Using the staff, he shoved himself  aside and spun. As the momentum carried him around the staff shortened, paper flowing over it and it’s end expanded. The newly formed warhammer head drove into Yellow’s backside, spreading the impact out.

Paper didn’t want to cause permanent injury by slamming the staff into her spine. 

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"Now that you're done with the ticklin' you can surrender... can't you?" Luke teased as he pretended that had shrugged off green's burst of energy, although, in truth, it was not exactly the case. 


"Going somewhere?" He grinned as the villain in his arms tried to escape. "Sorry man, only place you're headed is a cell." He continued smirking, using the occasion to turn the man own efforts against him and sending him crashing against a fire hydrant nearby, without however letting him go from his lock. 


Then he stared at the green villain, his eyes glowing menacingly, as he roared powerfully. "Time to play is over..."


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"Snap out of it!" The leader of the group looked around at the other brightly colored champions of crime, obviously not pleased with how they were handling themselves in this fight. "Don't just stand there, hit them! We got a mission, remember!? We can't be tied up fighting these nobodies!"


While his compatriots in crime were shaking their heads, regaining their footing from the blows they had taken or just slowly struggling against being held.


"Ah, to hell with it!" Green lightning crackled around his arms again, before being pulled along the ground and up across Nightscale's body.

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The fighting had turned into an all-out brawl on the street as teen heroes dared to challenge the robbers blow for blow. The wild catwoman continued her assault, moving quickly at an amazing pace, far outreaching that of any normal human's speed. She'd come in again using this quickness in her strikes, launching herself up with a jump to try and hit with a downward clawed strike. Her fighting style seemed to heavily rely upon this almost ambush like tactic as she attacked.


She didn't seem to be thinking much about her companions, unused to working as part of any sort of team if anything she seemed wrapped up in the heat of the fight, moving less like a trained fighter and more like a feral creature.

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On 1/29/2022 at 4:40 AM, RocketLord said:

GM"Don't just stand there, hit them! We got a mission, remember!? We can't be tied up fighting these nobodies!"

“Nobodies? Oh no he didn’t.”

Paper gave a mocking offended look at his opponent.

“I’ll have you know, your facing a couple of Young Guardians… plus one.”

He added after a brief pause, nodding towards Puma.


Paper twirled the mallet-like hammer before thrusting it forward at Yellow. On contact, instead of the smashing force she was probably expecting, the hammer’s head explodes into a paper strands that wrap around her. The strands entangling her arms and legs.

“What’s the matter? Never gotten wrapped up in a good book?”

Paper grinned, the staff starting to reform as paper flowed from his jacket and down his arm. Okay, maybe be he was feeling a little cheesy. The young hero readied to strike again.

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"Nobodies?" Luke chuckled. "And who are you exactly mate?" The young dragon smirked. Now usually one would have to match bravado with words right? Unfortunately for him this wasn't exactly the case, even when he called the powerful claws from his true form into reality to rip through his captive villain he still didn't manage to inflict more than a few bruises. 

"You are tough buddy I give you that..." He conceded.

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"I got this... almost out... just... stupid dragon..." The man in red was clearly not having a good time, being all wrapped up in Luke's loving embrace. He pushed against him, struggling to get free once more.


The woman in blue shook her head, stumbling a bit after La Puma Negra's strike. It looked like a stiff breeze might blow her over, if it could hit her, at least.


And the woman in yellow that Leon had wrapped up? "No! No no no no NO! You won't! You can't! I can't, I..." She screamed, throwing her arms out to the side, a wave of golden hued telekinetic energy blasting out from her, pushing back against everyone that surrounded her, friend and foe alike.


The thieves in red and blue were thrown to the ground by the blast, while the man in green quickly put up his hands, blocking the worst of it... and then stood to look at the four would be heroes, his captured friend and the bags.


"Screw this." 


He grabbed the nearest two bags and blasted green energy out of his feet, catapulting himself towards a nearby roof and started running away from the scene.

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"What's the matter chica, too wild for you?" Puma taunts the woman in blue after striking and staggering her, watching as she partially stumbled. Another good hit in would take this villian down for good, but suddenly without much warning other than the panicked voice of the one in yellow, a telekinetic blast rocked the area around them. With senses and ability far superseding the normal person, the cat like young woman quickly dodged out the way with barely even a scratch. Her former opponent was knocked out cold, leaving only the rest of the gang left.


Puma quickly followed Green, her abilities once again coming into play as she climbs the building that he escaped towards rather easily. Now atop the roof, she faced off with the robber with a smirk on her face, "¿A dónde crees que vas.... bub? (Where do you think you are going...?)" she quipped again, crouched low and ready to attack. When she did so with flying kick, the strike landed, but the Green villain managed to block effectively.

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“Oh sh-!”

At Yellow’s outburst Leon deftly backflipped out of the way. As he landed paper swarmed to his hand, forming a paper bow. As his other hand pulled the paper bowstring back a paper arrow formed.

A twang rang out as the arrow released. It exploded against Yellow’s chest and more strands wrapped around her, covering not just her body but her eyes and ears too. Blind and deaf the poor villain fell to the ground bound and helpless in a paper cocoon.

”Just sit tight while we gather up your friends.”

Leon smirked, then realized she couldn’t actually hear him and frowned.

’Right, can’t hear me.’

He thought and rolled his eyes at himself.

”Wasting one-liners.”

Leon turned his attention to the rest of the fight.

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As the wave of energy washed on him harmlessly the young dragon smirked. "Sorry mate." Then he noticed that the villain in his arms had gone limp.


"Woah thank you... Couldn't have done it without you." He teased, admittedly there was a hint of truth in his voice, after all, for now he had barely managed to scratch his quarry despite calling his dragon claws.


Aided by an echo of his wings, the young super-hero jumped upward, chasing Green.  "Leaving so soon?" He quipped as he used what was left of the momentum from the flight to generate a gust of wind and try and knock the villain on the floor. Hopefully it will be enough to cut the escape short.

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The woman in yellow was screaming at this point, panicking. Waves of telekinetic energy started washing out from her, blasting everyone and everything in range. Leon, the paper that trapped her, the street around her, everything was getting ripped at, like it was being hit by razor sharp force.


The man in green pushed back against La Puma Negra's kick. "Is that all, kitty cat?" he taunted, before screaming in surprise as Nightscale hit him with his hands. He tumbled to the ground, but quickly got back up.


Whether he wanted to admit it or not, he had to be shaken, as he released a blast of green energy that was nowhere near the dragon.

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