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I think that Nighstcale is gonna try to use his powers to find Matt. 


Telelocation 8 (Range: 2,000 miles / Continental; Extras: Duration [Sustained, Lasting]; Flaws: Limited [Can only sense relative direction, not exact location]; Limited [Personal possessions and close acquaintances]; Feats: Subtle) [5PP]


If I remember well, he can take 10 at the search roll when using a power such as this and knowing myself he'll do so with a 20. 


The upgraded version would be much better: 

(Telelocation 9 (Range: 20,000 miles / Anywhere on Earth; Extras: Duration [Sustained, Lasting]; Flaws: Limited [Personal possessions and close acquaintances]; Feats: Subtle, Rapid 4) {14PP/24PP})


But I haven't even applied for it yet hehe... (that reminds me I should do that after work)

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