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Bringing back Rampart/Cho and using the Terminus, would this be allowed to some extent?


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I've been away from this board for a long time. Almost six years, if not more? I had a character who I more or less wrote off (in a vignette, no less) and made vanish. Now characters vanishing and people forgetting about them as players come and go is normal but for Cho I had very much intended for her to become a non factor. For as far as we know she's not been on Earth ever since 2015. Now I am not exactly aware of how much 'metaplot' has changed in that time span, but bringing back that character and returning to posting with her over such a time span would more or less require a complete retool of her and her character. So, should it be done, would the Terminus be a possible location for her to have been given she was originally a Terminus Mutant or 'T-Baby'. When I left Omega was still gone but I'd imagine the Terminus is so damn vast that there can't be general pocket of nastyness, petty empires, psychotic would be warlords that someone somewhere couldn't use a flying brick's help to fend off bad guys.

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