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Melee attack on the wall

Automatic hit

Wood wall Toughness save DC23: 20

Wall is 'injured'




Ranged attack on Neko: 26

Neko needs a Fort save DC22




Ranged attack on the wall

Wood wall Toughness save DC23: 14

Wall is 'disabled'




Shakes off daze.

Still staggered

Rage (round 3)

Auto regen check: 11

1 bruised healed




Oh lawd, he comin’

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Teens - unhurt

Paper - bruised, 2 HP

Goons - 0 unhurt

Nightscale - unhurt, 2 HP

Villains -

   Snap-Maw - Bruised

   Fly-Boy - Bruised

   TKO - Bruised

   Bear-Knuckle - Blind, Deaf, Bruised & Staggered

   Heavyweight - unhurt

Shooting Star - unhurt, 0 HP

Artificer - brusied, 1 HP

Owain - bruised, staggered & dazed

Neko - unhurt, 0 HP


@Kaede Kimura Shooting Star is up

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