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@Avenger AssembledGotcha


Kaede seems to be taking time for themselves so I'll roll Initiative for them, but they can slip in later when they feel up to it.

Shooting Star initiative: 20


Paper 26

Goons 25

Nightscale 24

Villains 23

Shooting Star 20

Artificer 15

Owain 14

Neko 13


Since Artificer volunteered to take point I'm skipping Paper for now, moving on to the goons.

@NerdzulNighscale is up.

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Nightscale will use his move action and move close enough to get his friends the possibility to enter the building if they want.


Are there any villain close to a window? In that case Nightscale will try to bite one.

If they are minions he will take 10 to hit taking +2 to hit and -2 to ac for a total of 17, Save DC is 26 for damage and 18 from drain toughness. If that is enough he has takedown attack if there are multiple enemies within reach (in dragon form Nightscale has a 10 ft reach hehe I imagine that he will use his long neck to lean inside the building).


If they aren't minions I need to roll, but I'll need to be back home later this evening to do that. 



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None of the villains are in range but the gunmen are only minions.

given they were trying to squeeze as many of them as they could to fire on the illusion, I say with Takedown you mange to knock 4 of the gunmen unconscious with your attack.

Go ahead with an IC when you have a chance, then the Villains will react.

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Just realized I forgot an initiative

Teens: 28

I really need to stop wasting good rolls on initiative for NPCs. 😛


Okay, we can say Star is taking her turn to survey the scene for a way to help the hostages.


@Dr Archeville Artificer is up.


We’ll say there are 4 more armed goons at the window looking confused and the shark man has moved closer to the window.

Hostages are huddling in the middle of the room, easily 30-40 of them. At least another 6 armed men are around them. The bug villain is to one side of the hostages and the man with glowing eyes is still near the doors out to the hall.

The red hair villain is in the adjoining office with the older man. (the same room Neko saw the two teens hiding in.)


Teens - unhurt

Paper - unhurt

Goons - 10 unhurt

Nightscale - unhurt

Villains - unhurt

Shooting Star - unhurt

Artificer - unhurt

Owain - unhurt

Neko - unhurt

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Neko: makes the giant skeleton appear to grab a man and eat him gruesomely. https://orokos.com/roll/931489 = 32 on her Intimidate check! 
Owain: drops his Concealment because fighting invisibly is not an honorable thing for a knight to do! He then turns into a wolf and goes for the thugs by the window! He'll take 10 assuming they're minions, and get 18 to hit; that's a DC 23 Tou save for them 

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Intimidate goons: 3… lol


Toughness save: 10


So, the remaining gunmen at the window brown their pants and turn to run, dropping their weapons in the process.

As they’re running, Owain as a wolf, trounces one of them knocking the goon unconscious. The other 3 are running screaming towards the door out into the hall, the door the man with glowing eyes is stands by.

The hostages are now screaming even more.


@Avenger Assembled I can’t wait to read the IC. 😛 

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Just realized I didn’t roll for the villains against the Intimidate. They would have been effected too.

Sense Motive: 5 +9/+13



Stealth check (one for both): 20

Villians Notice: 17


They stay hidden for this round.



HP to trade Improve Crit 2 for Split Attack 2 on Blast. 
Ranged attack against the 3 running goons: 4 +3/+3/+2

All three attacks miss.




I’m gonna say the Intimidate was so successful that the goons that hadn’t been by the window are frozen with fear as the the 3 left from the window flee out into the hall.


@Nerdzul Nightscale up

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Well Nightscale is gonna switch his Dragon! Array around and try one of the new tricks: 


Mind Control 9 (Extras: Conscious, Duration [Sustained]; Flaws: Sense Dependant [Sight]) {27PP/36} 

 On the bug guy (if he can see him) and send him to keep the glowy eyed villain busy.


However the guy also gets a DC 19 reflex save to negate tg(by closing his eyes or something as Nightscale needs eye contact to start controlling people). If he doesn't save the power check is 23 opposed by the target will save.



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Reflex save for big guy: 25

Sorry, buggy has a decent Ref. 😛


With Neko’s success with the illusion I’m saying the bug guy and glowy eyes are stunned, and lose their turn.


Shark guy is still hanging in Artificer’s power, unwilling to struggle considering the height.


The red-haired man comes out of the office to see what all noise is about.


@Kaede Kimura Star is up.

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