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Snap-maw & TKO


Snap-Maw let out a cry of surprise as the giant hand grabbed him and flung him across the room. He slammed into the other villain, sending them both into the wall with an audible ‘thud’. The telekinetic, though, was able to soften the blow and he shoved the shark-man off of him angrily.

“Get off me you water-logged idiot.”

TKO climbed to his feet and turned his attention to the heroes just in time to watch the new teens join Paper only to have the wall of wood cut them off from sight.

“What the-?”

“Da hell?”

Snap-Maw echoed then snarled and charged at the barrier. He slammed into the wooden barrier, his claws tearing long gouges in its surface.  TKO gloured at the display.

“Stop acting like an animal!”

He smeared as he thrust a hand out at the makeshift wall. Invisible force hammered into it like a cannonball, showering the teens, Paper and Artificer in splinters and leaving a hole through it large enough for a man to crawl through. The blood stained face of the shark-man appeared in the opening as vicious, razor sharp teeth spread into a grin. Snap-Maw taunted the youngsters.

“You’re gonna need a bigger wall.”




Fly-Boy watched as his cohorts were tossed and knocked down. He turned, arm raised to attack but was stopped by the newly formed wall. With a silent curse he looked back towards the office where their leader was attempting to fend off the other teens.

Picking one of the ones he could see he flung his arm out, sending another needle like barb sailing at Neko again. The toxin coated barbed needle striking its target.


He cried triumphantly.

“Two in a row.”




Vivid images bombarded the former wrestler, overwhelming him. He dropped the splintered remains of the desk as his hands swung wildly through the air at things only he could see.

“Blast you!”

He roared definitely as he raged on.

“When I get my hands on any of you little shits, I’m going to squeeze you until you pop!”

Just as suddenly the world seemed to vanish around him again as both sight and sound were stolen away from him. He stumbles back, away from where he remembered the teen heroes being when something he could only assume was the giant wolf bit his arm. With another cry of rage he yanks his arm away, leaving bloody trails dripping on the floor.

Almost instinctively, he raises his other arm to defend himself just in time for his massive claws to absorb the furious strikes of the young dragon hero. Blow after blow lands, forcing Bear-Knuckle to be driven back even further. His feet sinking into the sandy remains of the once office wall. And even though he can’t hear himself, the growing snarl reverberates through him, erupting into a sound more animal than anything human should be able to make.




In the hall, lost amongst the yelling, smashing and other sounds of fighting, the subtle ding of one of the elevators chimes.

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Shooting Star


As another punch sailed into the man to little effect, Alice snarled behind the sign that formed her current mask. "What does it take to bring this guy down!? Does anyone have a good shot? Or maybe we could try to work together for one bigger hit?" She didn't know the other two, the wolf and the cat-girl as well as she did Luke, but perhaps they could find some clever tactic, or even just try to work together to apply more force as a group. She paused her thoughts as he started growling, something about the sound frightened the animal part of her brain, but she pushed it down, looking to the others again.


"Otherwise I think we might just have to try pushing him out the window or something. I don't see this fight going well if it drags out."

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