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"Yes, am... with... you," Hulk-Olivia responded, her voice considerably lower and rougher, and with an irritated edge to it.  She looked down at her shredded pantsuit and longcoat and made an annoyed grunt.  "Just got outfit, too."


Glad I remembered to have these 'clothes' appear to shred, not expand along with me!


Hulklivia looked up to where Overman had imploded, then back to Patriot.  "Someone... did that to... him.  Working with... others.  Or... for others."  Her speech was stilted, like someone who was just starting to learn -- or trying to remember -- a second language.  "Others here?  With... threatening...my people?"


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"Most likely. Follow my lead," she said, pointing towards the nearby small building that was supposed to hold the TV crew and Daisy but seemingly held something very different tonight. It was a mobile trailer now a semi-permanent part of the overall community center's complex, the sort of place a school district might have shoved an extra classroom or a hospital an extra office space. With that, she snapped open her costume's belt and drew two long, crackling batons that sizzled with electrical energy. She pointed one at the ground and fired it, producing a sudden surge of slate-grey gas that erupted outward and filled the scene. "Come on!" With that she ran, lowering her head and charging forward, bullets cracking from the windows of the side-building, telling her she'd guessed right about where they were going.

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"Hulklivia" nodded and followed Patriot's lead, charging through the smoke she'd just laid down.


Oof, that's a weird effect, Davyd thought as the gas flowed past -- and blocked -- his olfactory senses.   Most gas grenades have their own scent, but it's not powerful enough to block others.  This must be a new formula.  Wonder what other high-end tech she's got?  Ah, no matter, she's got solid support and assistance, and that's what matters.  Speaking of assistance, let's see if I can clear a way for her...


Hulklivia leaped ahead of Patriot, bounding over her on inhumanly strong legs, then leaped again towards the door of the building, ramming into it with a broad shoulder.

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