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New Goblin Markets - OoC

Tiffany Korta

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Okay after the (mostly) success of the October events I’m trying again with a lighter one for The Holidays! As before this is mostly a social thread, no need to do any kind of rolls (unless you wish) just a chance to do awesome heroic things. Roughly one a week I’ll post a change to the circumstance and people can pick things up from there, rather than trying to do it all in one month this time we’re going for a more relaxed two months with a few more events to compensate.


The Goblins aren’t malicious, just exploring this new world excitably not noticing any potential dnagers they put themselves in or others. Once you’ve described what you were doing before there arrival, solo or in small groups, you have a chance to try and control the Goblins a little maybe saving one or two humans and/or Goblins from harm.

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