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Tyger Tyger, burning bright (OOC)


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She could not find the Tyger there, although, I imagine that lacking much familiarity with a person might make ESP unreliable, however, something else do catch her attention, with her ability to sense magic by scent, Neko could feel that there is al almost overpowering smell in the area that evoke the sense of being deep in a jungle or in a rainforest, no one around seems to notice and she gets the impression that there is some kind of supernatural effect at work.


(I dunno if she can also figure out what the magic she senses do, in that case let me know).


Edit: just noticed that Gwain also can detect magic, for him, the effect appear as vines of supernatural power that grow everywhere on the scene.


At the same time anyone who checks the masked people (including the Tiger's Den gorilla masked goons and the ringleaders) with their own enhanced senses (Gwain as a wolf for example or Horrorshow) would notice that there is something off about them, as none have any discernable scent.

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Everyone give me a notice check.


You can see the outcome under the spoilers. 


Everyone DC: 20\Chimera DC: 15: 


You notice that four of the gorilla masked goons are subtly shifting their position around the room slowly circling Chimera. She might be in danger.



Chimera DC: 15:  


There is something very much familiar about the werewolf guy. Now you are not sure, but you do remember that Jamie's boyfriend does wear dog tags around his neck all the time.


Owain\Neko DC: 20 (Knowledge: Arcane Lore):  


You are confident that whatever supernatural effect that surrounds the masked people is generated by the mask themselves, unlike the general field that covers the whole area. The woman in the bear mask however, doesn't have one.


Horrorshow DC 15:


The uncle has traded a considerable amount of cash to the bookie and in return, he didn't get a paper slip like the rest, but something bigger, an envelope perhaps.


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No need to hide in plain sight @Dr Archeville there is enough confusion that no one is really paying any attention, however a Bluff check might be in order to convince the guard to follow Davyd. 


A notice check DC 20 would also reveal the following: 



You notice a figure at the outskirt of the crowd, a woman in a fancy dress and a cobra mask, whose attention is not focused on the fight, but instead on the gorilla goons that were tailing Chimera, including the one that is talking to you.


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A DC 15 notice check for any of the heroes will reveal the following


Now that you are close enough to the goons to study them, you can see how similar they are to each other, their powerful muscular builds and skin tone almost identical, they are clean shaven and bald, sure there is some detail in their features under the half mask that doesn't perfectly match, but it feels like an afterthought, almost like they are archetypes rather than real people.


Anyone with an enhanced sense of scent will also realize that, not unlike the other masked people they have no scent.

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Okay, so, Horrorshow's got some edits pending, and I'd like to use those stats. 


He's going to try the grabbing the Gorilla!Goon in front of him and throw him at the Gorilla!Goon on monitor duty.


Standard Action: Melee attack vs. Gorilla!Goon

1d20+10: 15 [1d20=5]

Assuming that hits, Grapple check

1d20+15: 28 [1d20=13]


Move Action: Throw Grappled Goon at Gawking Gorilla

1d20+4: 10 [1d20=6]

Oof, not so good.  But, I've got 1 unspent HP, so I'mma use that to re-roll.

1d20+4: 6 [1d20=2] but the HP Re-Roll rule turns that 2 into a 12, so the real final result is 16.


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Sure the new stats work for me. By the way, the gorillas are minions so I think you can take 10 to hit them? I'm not 100% familiar with minion rules though. If you can I think that's a hit on both cases. 


The gorilla has a pretty good grapple roll though with 28 as well, but if I remember well, the attacker wins ties so the guy is grappled.

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Time to roll initiative. 


Mr Tak is intimidated and will skip his first round.

The Fiery Fury and the Gentleman will join in the next round as well, using their action this one to get into the fray.

For now only the guards are fighting our heroes.


The shadowy teen isn't sure about what to do of Davyd yet and will wait for his next move.


2 Gorilla Goons (Davyd): 21

2 Gorilla Goons (Chimera, Owain, Neko) 12

Mr Tak (Shaken and skipping the first round) 26

Fiery Fury (skipping the first round) 18

The Gentleman (skipping the first round) 19

Shadowy Teen (will delay until Davyd next move if he is acting before him) 20


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26 - Mr Tak (no damage) - Shaken

21 - Gorilla Goon A  (Horrorshow) (no damage) -2 to def due to charging

21 - Gorilla Goon B (Horrorshow) (no damage) -2 to def due to charging

19 - The Gentleman

18 - Fiery Fury (no damage)

14 - Neko (no damage) - 2 HP

13 - Owain (no damage)

12 - Gorilla Goon C (Chimera, Owain, Neko) (no damaage - Minions)

12 - Gorilla Goon D (Chimera, Owain, Neko) (no damaage - Minions)

11 - Horrorshow's (no damage) - 1 HP (or have I missed Luck, by any chance?)

10 - Shadowy Teen (no damage) - Delayed initiative. 

4 - Chimera (no damage) - 3 HP


Mr. Tak waste his turn considering if he should run away and let his minions do the job. (plus he doesn't really want to interfere given that the ringleader has asked the two fighters join in) 


The Gentleman and Fiery Fury use their turn to get in position. 


The two gorillas that are in the container with Davyd drop the poor Jacob on the floor and charge him. 

Woah Gorilla A is pretty lucky with a 24 to Hit. Save DC is 25. @Dr Archeville

Gorilla B rolls a 14 however and misses. 


(the other two are unconscious after Horrorshow surprise attack)


@Avenger Assembled It's Neko and then Owain turn. 


If they pay any attention to it, Neko and Owain will notice that whatever supernatural effect was influencing the crowd is getting more intense around the ones that look more scared about Neko's illusion.


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