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Tyger Tyger, burning bright (IC)


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Oh, I know her!, Davyd thought upon seeing Neko, she was at the Espadas School.  And I saw her again at the- oh!  Oh, that could work!


The slim Russian man started running towards Neko and Fiery Fury, but his run shifted to more of a loping gait as his body hulked out to a more brutish, gorilla-like form.  "Mind if I join in?!," he bellowed as he leaped between them, then began raining down ham-sized fists upon the agile catgirl.


"You think you can come into our Hausu, little girl?  Think you've got what it takes to step into our Ring?  You gotta be kaidan me!"  More blows rained down, some coming within a hair's breadth of contact, but she remained untouched.  "You thought this was gonna be a Battle Royale, but it's not -- for you, this is a Horrorshow!"


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“Hey! Don’t you ignore me!”

Chimera was visibly offended when Fiery Fury turned her attention to Neko. So offended that she didn’t notice the Gentleman until the shimmer of his telekinetic blades were wishing arm’s reach.Instinctively, Chimera through up her arms, the techno-organic tendrils around her arms spreading to shield her from the attack. The immaterial blades shattering against the symbiote.


On 2/17/2022 at 5:20 PM, Nerdzul said:

"It'm sorry miss, but it's impolite to distract one-selves from a fight." He quipped. 


She turned her attention to the floating man.

“And one shouldn’t be cocky either.”

She sniped back as one foot stepped back and she half crouched. She only tensed for a moment before her strength propelled her upwards. Luckily, the ceiling wasn’t but so high and Chimera leapt true. Her arm drew back and she swung with all her might at the levitating villain.

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"Three vs two would be unfair wasn't it?" Commented the Mistress of Mayhem, as the ring of fire waned briefly to allow the young shapeshifter into the ring and doing her best to conceal the hint of surprise in her voice. "But worry not, a new contender is ready to test his valor in the Arena!" The crowd, stood quiet for a moment, confused by the turn of events, but soon their attention was drawn anew to the action that unfolded.


First Chimera managed to strike true, despite the evasiveness of her foe, hitting the Gentleman in his chest and forcing all the air out of his lungs. Then as the fighter struggled to recover when Fiery Fury's massive blade, misled by Neko's illusion began to hoover over him. "No wait! Stop! It's a-" The man objections were of little use as the flaming sword landed on him as well, giving him little respite and only barely contained by the natural field of telekinetic energy that surrounded him. Confused, Fiery Fury turns toward the heroes. "You will pay for this..."


Meanwhile the crowd, its favor ever shifting, had began to cheer for the heroes, who seemed to have snatched the advantage. Still, outside of the arena, an attentive eye could see a significant number of gorillas and some of the Masked, forming a wide circle around the ring of fire, positioning themselves discretely, yet somewhat menacingly, to surveil the fight.


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Chimera grinned. her last blow had landed solidly and she was starting to feel good about this fight. This wouldn’t be so bad, she needed to put the floating jerk down then she could turn her attention back to the fiery one.

Then a new comer entered the flaming ring and dashed her hopes. It wasn’t fair if they were gonna keep sending in new opponents.

The anger swelled in her and without thinking Chimera lashed an arm out at the Gentleman. A tendril of techno-organic symbiote lashed out from her arm and gouged a rut into the ceiling near where the villain hovered.

Chimera looked back at her arm in surprise. As the tendril pulled back and wavered.

‘We’ll… that’s new.’

She thought with a calmness that surprised her even more the the tendril did. Should she be concerned by that?

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With her hands folded behind her back, Neko dodged Horrowshow's blows, her expression seemingly stone-faced as she bobbed and weaved. When she thought no one else could see, she winked, just once, then her eyes widened as she looked at the trouble Owain was in. Owain, who had reached out to her when no one would - Owain, who had come to this place and away from his family because of her."Owain! <Bite out his heart!>" The air around her was crackling with magic, a distinct sound of screaming cats echoing from nowhere in particular. 

But the mage-knight was of a kinder disposition than that despite the battering he was getting, jaws clamping down on his target with a loud growl, teeth digging into the muscles of thigh and calf. 

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Okay, gotta end this fight, find Ms. Nagi and get her to take me to this 'Master,' and keep an eye on Uncle Sasha... hoo boy...


The man-ape snarled and slavered as it continued swinging at Neko, unable to land even a glancing blow on the agile catgirl.  "Think yer gonna tire me out, hunh?  Make me throw in the towel?  Ya got another thing coming!"  He leaped at her, bringing both fists crashing down onto the arena floor as she easily sidestepped, "I ain't no gentle man, afraid ta hit a girl!  Ya thought ya could come in here an' be a star, but I'll snuff out yer fire!"  He hefted himself up on his knuckles, aiming a mule-kick at her, then spun around with a backhand, "an' once I take you out, I'll go fer yer little dog, too!"


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Oblivious, apparently at least, of the hidden conversation, the masked conductor continued to concentrate on the crowd, riling them up, pushing more frenzied betting on the outcome of the fight. No matter the unexpected intrusion of actual super-heroes, the show must go on.


In the arena, though, the duo of Fiery Fury and the Gentleman were definitely not preoccupied by the manipulation of our heroes, nor by the machinations of the Tyger's minions, in fact, the tide seemed to have turned. The Gentleman himself could do very little, but float in the air, trying to keep himself away from fangs and claws as he struggled to regain enough concentration to throw a new telekinetic offensive. 


Fiery Fury on the other side... Eyes filled with rage. "Enough!" She shouted, before swinging her massive sword and unleashing a wave of fire, veins of glowing red energy formed on her figure as she channeled her fury into the flames.

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Chimera was still distracted by Gentleman hanging ominously in the air. She notices only too late when Fury swings her sword again, sending a wave of scorching flames over her and her unlikely comrade-in-arms. The flames continue to burn and singe the hems and edges of her dress.


‘Jamie is gonna kill me when I get back.’


She thought with dark humor as she shielded her eyes, the heat washing over her. Patches of flesh exposed between techno-organic tendrils were angry red and starting to blister. Chimera clenched her teeth and shot the woman a glare. She took a deep breath, feeling her body wanting to take a moment to rest but pushing through it.

Chimera felt her anger like a surge, focusing it she tensed and launched forward at the sword wielding woman. Her movements wouldn't be hard for a seasoned fighter to read as Chimera's electrically charged fist sailed towards Fiery Fury with a grunt of effort.

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With a wordless yell, Neko turned and summoned fire in her hands, the blazing heat that was the birthright of any bakeneko. She directed the fire at the Gentleman, flames leaping from her outstretched hand as she executed a perfect chinte kata in the direction of Owain's tormentor. The flames washed over the flying villain, sending him dipping low enough to the ground for Owain to leap upwards and slash his opponent across the belly before executing a perfect pommel-punch against his face. As the Gentleman fell, bleeding, Owain tore off his shirt and declared, "I say thee nay! Who among you will challenge a Christian knight!" he declared, aiming his sword at his foes. 

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Okay, that works, too, Davyd thought to himself as he saw Neko & Owain take down the floating Gentleman.


He turned towards Chimera and Fiery Fury, and began stalking towards the hero.  I've really got to work on my improv skills, he chided himself as his body warped again, simian frame melting away into a boneless mass of flesh, arms and legs splitting into barbed tentacles.  I can start off well enough, the mass of flesh rolled towards Chimera, but I always fall apart on the follow-through.


The amorphous horror loomed over Chimera, looking as if it would engulf him...


Not that there's anything wrong with being bad at improv.  Lots of great actors only do work from scripted material.  And goodness knows there are plenty of directors who want their cast to stay on-script.  But if I'm going to be my best self, I need to hone all my talents, master as many different acting styles as I can.  It'll make me a better actor, a better news presenter, and a better hero.


... then in a flash the tentacles lashed out towards the Fiery Fury!


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As the tentacles lashed their way around Fiery Fury, a smile crossed Neko's face, showing teeth more pointed than a human girl's could be. She sauntered towards the captive villain, tail lashing behind her, ears twitching, her fingers before her big, bright yellow eyes as a low kekekeke came from her throat. 


Below Fiery Fiery, where Horrorshow held him tight, there was a distinct rumbling noise before the ground seemed to open beneath him. The gateway below was to a dark and dismal place that stank of rotting flesh and sounded of crawling, wriggling things and a moaning despair that seemed to last for eternity. 


Beside her, giving an encouraging nod to Horrorshow, Owain held his blade against the Fiery Fury's throat. "Purgatory here, or that below. Will you yield?" he asked, his tone surprisingly mild. 

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Chimera’s blow landed and she felt the rush of the charge as it gave the swordswoman a moment pause. Feeling confident she quickly tried to follow it up with a second zap. Unfortunately Fury seemed to shrug off both the effect of her first strike and the second one before it even finished connecting.


There was a moment of dread at the thought of being the focus of the woman’s ire when Chimera got the sudden feeling of something behind her. She instinctively ducked aside as a swarm of tendrils lashed out and grabbed Fury. Chimera blinked in surprise even as the young girl she had seen earlier stepped forward to demand the fighter’s surrender.


Chimera muttered to herself as she straightened up and glanced around. The giant wolf seemed to have the Gentleman pinned and no one else seemed willing to approach them yet, but she knew better than to let her guard down.

Still it was a little embarrassing that yet another teenager seemed more effective than she was. If this kept up, she might develop a complex, she thought with dark humor.

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Fiery Fury struggled in Horrorshow's grip for a short while, but it didn't take much for her to realize that there was little she could do, outnumbered and with her partner already down. She bowed her head and surrendered. "I yied..." She snarled angrily.


There was a chorus of cheers from the crowd, although, it wasn't hard to notice the protests due to the the shapeshifting hero betrayal to finish the fight. Still, it didn't look like the ringleader seemed to care, after all, it had been an impromptu fight and by its nature it had very few rules. 


"Looks like we have our winners!" The Mistress of Mayhem shouted from the stage. "But the night is still young boys and girls. Plenty of mayhem still ahead!" She continued playfully, as the ring of fire that surrounded the makeshift arena grew of intensity, erupting a barrier of smoke that concealed the heroes from the eyes of the crowd. Ms. Nagi quickly emerged from the barrier, unimpeded by the flames, together with a small squad of her gorillas. 

"This has been a interesting diversion for sure... And you do know how to fight..." She smiled from beneath her cobra mask. "But now, I am wondering, who do I owe the pleasure of this interruption?"

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