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Into the Tiger's den (Recruitment)

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Heya, I have finally decided to give GM-ing a try with a group thread.


The plot I have in mind, sees the heroes infiltrating an underground fighting ring that frequently involve superpowered fighters. The idea is to mix a bit of investigation and combat.


I'm looking for two or three relatively green super-heroes (PL 7-10), although not necessarily Claremonters, if anyone is interested :)


I'd love if we can decide some personal hook for the character participating the thread, although the general idea is that some young metahumans have vanished and the fight club is somehow involved.

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I've been wanting to get Horrorshow into some more scrapes.  He's a recent Claremont graduate, and I'm keeping him at PL 10 (though when he's not in either of his 'combat forms,' he's only PL 8 offensively), so he might be a good fit.  And if his uncle's mafiya connections are linked to this... well... DRAMA!


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