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The Hoard of the Beast - OOC

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OCC for this if needed.



The place works pretty much on dream logic and it messes with their powers. Since I'm gm-ing I won't award Luke any free hero points for that, but Leon is definitely not subjected to that rule. They could also only bring with them what they wear while they sleep. The idea is, that the boys would have to rely a lot on their wits and on each other to get out of trouble.


If you like the idea, as we have discussed on Discord, perhaps Leon can have his arm back in there, at least it makes sense to me that he will still consider it to be part of him. (Plus I imagine it will freak him out a bit). 


The way I imagine the place, is that it is built mostly on Luke's subconscious mind, but since Leon is also there, it might shift to accommodate details taking from his own as well. If you have anything you think would be fun for them to encounter there, let me know :)


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I figured that since they both have SM 20 at Notice and they were not rushing it, no roll was needed to navigate the darkness. For now. 


That said if you want to roll notice and try to get more than 20 perhaps Paper can get some details on the thing that is with them in the dark, or about what is generating the metallic noise. 


Hehe btw Luke won't charge in blindly, if Leon has a better idea about what to do 😛

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I think that the two might need help each other out climb down together, I'll have Luke do most of the work, since he is has a better climb skill (plus he is hanging on th the ledge already)

Luke's roll is a 23 :)

Can Leon roll to help at DC 10?



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If you want, Leon can make a Perception check (DC 20)  to notice that the cave strange rhythm somehow synchronizes with Luke's breath. 


The cave has also manifested something that Leon might want among the pile of treasures, you can go with whatever you would find the most interesting sticking among the gold :)

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