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A Gathering of Mages

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Effigy (with Artificer and Oz)


“Tch.” Wilona dismissed her fireball with a snort of annoyance. Diplomacy was the way, this time? What a pain in the ass. She took the device from…she did not get his name yet. “Name’s Effigy.” It didn’t look too hard to activate, so she did it. Why didn’t she let Artificer take it? They were teammates. He was many things, but socially adept? Not really, no. Not that she held any illusions about being some master diplomat or conwoman. But she was good at scaring people into needing a change of underpants. Tch, and maybe not threaten it with personal violence this time, dang it. She let the fireball recollect in her right hand, with more power than before. “This weird guy says you can understand me now, Parkhurst. Well then, listen up! You’re trying to protect us. I get it. Evil Zombie Lady. Very powerful.” She let more and more of her magical fire power fill her hand, up to the limits of her ability to control it. Heat wafted off her right arm in waves. It looked like her whole arm was on fire, burning like it had been soaked in gasoline. “But here’s the thing. The Master Mage is in the building. I’m not some powerless bystander. Artificer here is a badass, and this other guy probably doesn’t suck. We don’t need protection from the Carrion Queen. The Carrion Queen needs protection from us!” Okay, all that fire was starting to hurt, but she had to finish strong. “So you’ve got two choices. Get outta our way and we kick her ass. Or we go through you and then kick her ass. What’s it gonna be, Parkhurst?” Meant not to threaten with violence, dang it. Eh, screw it.


Invisigirl (with Veronica and Masque, Kitchen)


Naomi nodded sharply. Masque got it. Art was life. Especially since she wasn’t so good with words. She dug around in her bodysuit’s pockets and found half of a chocolate bar. Wordlessly, she handed it to Masque in thanks for her understanding. But then Veronica was talking, and Naomi didn’t miss a word. No matter what her spaced expression communicated. She slowly smiled, and abruptly she, Veronica, and Masque turned invisible. Well. Naomi could see them just fine. And then she turned her power off. She stretched out a hand at the nearest door, and invisible force opened it. Maybe a bit too roughly. “Sorry, Parkhurst.” She smiled angelically. Hopefully she had communicated well.

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Basement - Blackstaff, Cait-Sith and Ouroboros


Blackstaff nodded at Ouroboros’ suggestion that the hotel shifting them around was merely a side effect of its attempt to contain the Carrion Queen.

“You’re right, that’s just as possible.”

He agreed as he followed the Gatekeeper around the clutter of the room.

“I’m afraid my knowledge of the hotel is limited. I know it’s been home to many supernatural forces and that those forces have saturated it, giving it a force of its own. But the finer points of its history escape me.”


He paused as they stopped in front of the locked door. He started to reach for his key but stopped at Ouroboros’ comment about the hotel perceiving them as a threat if attacked.

“Best not to use magic against the hotel directly for now then.”


He watched as the young man made quick work of the lock and nodded approvingly.

“It’s been a long time since I could open a lock that easily. Just don’t tell anyone.”

He joked.

“They might suspend PI license.”

He regarded Simon.

“Come to think of it, proper introductions haven’t been made. My name is Christopher Daye, but I suppose if you want to be heroic about it people sometimes call me Blackstaff. Can’t imagine why though.”

He gave Simon a joking smile and tapped the end of the black wood staff on the floor.

Looking back at Ouroboros again he offed his hand.

“You, I only know by reputation. It’s a pleasure to meet the Gatekeeper.”

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Oz (Corridor; With Artificer and Effigy)


"a pleasure, I'm Oswald Zeppelius; Oz for short." he said in his usual pleasant tone "I wish we'd been introduced under better circumstances my young friends."


He watched with interest as effigy took the patternoscope and spoke to the spirit of the Parkhurst with gusto; Who was he to tell anyone what or how to do things after all?


shifting his stance a little bit  and conjuring a walking stick from the Aether to stabilise himself.


"Though as i have said before I haven't been in combat in a year or two now i do have a modest amount of power...im afraid its my physicality that limits me." he explained patting his stomach with a chuckle "I do not have the physical endurance for a prolonged confrontation or strenous activities...so if it is well and good with you both, i would like you to take the lead and let me know if there is anything you would like my help with....well aside from anything obvious of course."

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Artificer (with Effigy & Oz), Corridor


Heroditus was rater perturbed by Wilona's brazenness -- and by her fiery display -- and stammered a bit in Atlantean.  Which sounded to the others not unlike a series of dolphin noises, though his gestures made his discomfort clear.


Of course I get stuck with her!  Yes, let us anger the genius loci that's so effortlessly moved us about, that is a sound idea!  Out of everyone in this place, it's the fiery hothead I get stuck with, while Hades knows what is trying to break in to this reality...


Oz's voice helped him re-center himself, and he turned his attention to the wizard.  "I appreciate your confidence in us, <learned elder>, but I am certain your knowledge and experience will be invaluable to our efforts in reuniting with our comrades, and in fighting off the intruder."  He bowed and then extended a hand, "I am Heroditus, of Atlantis, though some call me Artificer."

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Basement - Ouroboros, Cat-Sith, Blackstaff


"Genus Loci" Ouroboros confirmed with a shrug, "Enough mystical workings have been done on this spot that the place itself is awakened."  he elaborated as he observed the cat boy at work on the lock.


"It is not precisely aware in a traditional sense, but there is an animus."  he swung the door open to reveal, a laundry room with an exit on the far side.  "It defends itself, and residents, and has total control over it's structure."


He paused to hold the door for the others as Blackstaff introduced himself and a flicker of annoyance crossed his sharp features as he considered and quickly discarded introducing himself with his mothers maiden name.  "Ouroboros."  he intoned instead.


"Right now the Hotel wishes to contain this Carrion Queen."  he opined quietly as the door slid shut behind them, "From a perspective of dimensional manipulations such as this I would speculate that every door toward egress will instead loop back to ever more intractable locales."  He paused a long moment considering, "But everything must remain connected even if not as designed which means ..."  He trailed off as he stared at the dilapidated machinery, shelves, chutes, and storage closets as he considered the puzzle of the Hotels displacement.

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Masque (with Veronica and Invisigirl, Kitchen)


"Ooh, thank you!" Masque spun the chocolate in the palm of her hand for a moment, thinking. "Well, I don't know that I can trick it into thinking we're all still here, but maybe something's better than nothing."


Masque snapped her fingers and...stepped out from behind herself, a perfect copy taking a short bow as if she'd been hiding there all along. "If you can hide us, I can leave me here to keep the house company."


"Which sounds awfully boring," said Masque. The other one. "I think you should hang out, and should go have fun."


"But the person who stays behind gets...a treat!" Masque - the first one, probably? - leaned to the side with all the exaggerated posing of someone acting for the cheap seats, waving the chocolate bar under her other nose.


"...fine," said Masque, grabbing the treat away from Masque and settling back against a counter. The complaint seemed more rehearsed than sincere. "Call me if you need me!"


Masque - the one not pondering how to eat a chocolate bar through a full face covering - took a bow and gestured toward the open door. "Shall we, then?"

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