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Justice Re-Build/Theme/Location

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I've been working on a rebuild and retheming of Justice in preparation for her move to Freedom City. I'll get to the Super Mode later, which will remain PL12 to Justice's normal PL10, but I'd appreciate it if anyone would check this sheet while I work on the other!


I do not expect to make a whole lot of changes to the super mode armor compared to what it is now, that'll mostly be a new look and some fluff changes, as well as adding the new non-armor powers to the armor.



Power Level: 15

Effective Power Level: 10

Power Points: 231/231PP
Unspent Power Points: 0

Trade-Offs: Defensive Trade-offs vary between TOU+5/DEF-5, None and TOU-5/DEF+5, see ScaleDriver Weight System


In Brief: Genius tokusatsu fangirl making her dreams come true.

Catchphrase: [Scales set! Are you ready?] "Henshin!" [Time for justice!]

Theme: Hell No! - Mel Senese


Alternate IdentityRobin Lynne Langley (Secret)
Birthplace: Emerald City

Residence: Riverside, Freedom City

Base of Operations: The Secret Headquarters, Riverside, Freedom City
Occupation: Comic, Gaming & Hobby Store Owner, Adventurer
Affiliations: None
Family: Anna Maria Langley (mother), Lucas John Langley (father), Lucas John Langley  Jr. (2 years older brother), Mark Milton Langley (20 years younger brother), Dottie Patricia Langley (paternal grandmother)



Age: (DoB: 1997 [April 1st])
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Green
HairDark brown


Robin is slender, her body honed by years of gymnastics. Her dark brown hair is, quite frankly, a mess that stands out in all directions. She has green eyes and wears glasses with red frames. She will usually dress casually, preferring t-shirts with prints or logos of cartoon characters, dragons and so on. Lately, she has taken to wearing jackets, pants and shoes over the undersuit for her armor.


As Justice, Robin wears the ScaleDriver, a grey belt with a darker grey core, forming a sort of A shape with a triangle pointing down from the center of the A and reaching the same parts as the sides of the A in front of Justice. The center of the belt holders a red scale, slightly protruding from the rest of the belt.


Activating the ScaleDriver causes the undersuit to appear, unfolding from the belt: A black suit with while soles, three white stripes on both sides of Robin's abdomen, a white line running from each shoulder and down her chest, and thinner white lines around her neck and the inside of her arms near the elbows. While the back of Robin's hands and her palms are covered, her fingers are left free.


By scanning an ImagiCard on each of the weights on the scale and setting the weight, Robin can summon the Justice Freedom Armor from Z-Space: Armored red boots with blue knees and shins, with thick white trim, blue armored shoulders and outer upper arms, with the lower arms beind completed covered, with additional white armor over the knuckles and the back of the hand. The center of Robin's chest, stretching from her shoulders and down to the ScaleDriver belt, is covered in red armor. The blue armor on the shoulders extends up in a collar around the side of her neck. She wars a red helmet that completely hides her features, with white guard in front of the mouth, white armor on the side of the hand and a white crest or crown with grey center at the front. Her eyes are hidden behind a black visor with blue trim. She wears a long white scarf around her neck.




Robin Lynne Langley has lived in Emerald City her entire life, always wondering why she lived in the one city that didn't seem to have any super heroes at all. Still, she loved heroes of all kinds, and if she couldn't find them by staring up at the sky, she would find them in comics and on the screen. When he older brother Lucas Jr. introduced her to the world of Japanese Tokusatsu, she was sold, even going as far as starting gymnastics due to her inspiration.


Growing up, she kept her dream of really seeing heroes alive, Robin eventually decided that one day, she would be a hero. Eventually enrolling at Emerald City University, she sought out any class, course or knowledge that could help her in her goal, ending up with a rather varied curriculum, only broadening her knowledge of science in particular. She was only emboldened by the appearance of the Emerald Spider.


Finally, using a combination of her own funds and components made available at the university, Robin created the first version of her Justice Driver and Justice Buster, setting out into Emerald City to become a hero. 


Since her debut, Robin has faced gangs of thieves, monsters, super natural threats and much more. She has been gifted her grandmother's amulet, that she once used as the super hero Miss Step, allowing her to access Z-Space, where she has established headquarters in an abandoned structure, though not going unnoticed by other inhabitants. She has worked through multiple iterations of her armor, finally settling on a modular design.


Faced with the knowledge that MarsTech had stolen her designs to create the Ultio Suits and that Max Mars himself had discovered her identity, Robin put out the call to the heroes of Emerald City. Gathering together, the group has started to work against Max Mars and MarsTech, Justice has been thrust into a leadership role that she never expected to find herself in.


Robin did not defeat the secret group by Max Mars and MarsTech. Despite her attempts, the whole thing fell apart, and she was eventually captured and disappeared from Emerald City.


Six months later, Robin reappared in Freedom City, the owner of the new Riverside comic, gaming and hobby shop the Secret Headquarters. She seems to have forgotten that she was ever a super hero. Faced with villains rampaging through Riverside, Robin found the mysterious ScaleDriver hidden in a stockroom in the Secret Headquarters. Donning the belt, she became Justice for the first time once again.


As Robin begins to rediscover herself, she will have to figure out just what happened to her, why it happened... and maybe why Max Mars and his Ultio Program has made their way to Freedom City.




Robin is a dreamer. Anything is possible if you have the will and make your own means. Intellectually gifted and curious, she will pursue anything that strikes her fancy. A great fan of super heroes, she has been disappointed at the lack of any prominent heroes in Emerald City, which is part of her reason for deciding to become a hero herself. The other part is her great love of Japanese Tokusatsu shows, which has inspired the technology she uses. She is idealistic, usually willing to give almost anyone the benefit of doubt, but can be surprisingly ruthless in combat.


Since arriving in Freedom City, Robin seems to suffer from partial amnesia, having forgotten that she was ever a super hero. She is slowly rediscovering herself, leading to sudden shifts in personality: One moment, she might act as a rookie hero that has no idea what she's doing, before acting as a veteran hero the next.




Robin will usually try and talk her opponent into surrendering at first. Otherwise, she will engage using her arsenal and any other gadgets she has managed to bring along. She will usually switch rapidly between weapons, using whatever the situation calls for, while creating portals to Z-Space to exchange other bits and pieces of her armor while in action.


Robin posses no innate powers. All her abilities come from gymnastic skills or technology she created herself. While she had studied magic under Salvo, she has found herself utterly unable to actually use magic herself, instead relying on merging technology and magic as what she has dubbed WonderTech. After several different battle suit iterations and design philosophies, including her prototype suit and using a number of different armors for different situations, Robin's newest armor channels powers directly from Z-Space. As with previous versions, the undersuit unfolds from Robin's belt, dubbed the ScaleDriver, while other armor pieces are summoned from Z-Space and attaches directly to Robin.


Robin's grandmother's amulet powers the ScaleDriver and allows Robin to access Z-Space and teleport short distances in real space, while also giving her access to her storage. She uses a number of different gadgets she has created or cobbles together on the fly as needed.


The Justice Armor X enhances Robin's physical capabilities and assists her in combat, including a built-in A.I. that assists in combat. Robin can switch between different weapons and armor by scanning magically programmed NFC cards that she has dubbed HeroCards to the two scales on her belt, with each HeroCard being able to activate either the Alpha or Beta slot. By manipulating the weights on the scale, she can increase or decrease her armor, allowing her to switch between three modes: Balance: a balanced mode, Lightweight: Quick, but with little armor and Heavyweight: Slow, but heavily armored.


Robin commonly uses the following HeroCards to set her armor's Alpha Slot, giving her access to different attacks:

  • Lady Liberty: Melee focused, with enhanced strikes.
  • Justice: Gives Robin access to the Justice Kick, damaging everything in her path.
  • Patriot: Gives Robin access to the Patriot Blaster, a weapon with variable magical attacks.
  • Emerald Spider: Gives Robin access to Quantum Webbing, used to entangle her targets.
  • Captain Thunder: Gives Robin access the stunning Thunder Strike.

and the following HeroCards to set her armor's Beta Slot, giving her different defensive and utility abilities:

  • Centurion: Enhanced strength and environmental defenses.
  • Synapse: Psionic efenses and mental senses.
  • Raven: Stealth focused abilities.
  • Freedom Eagle: Flight and gives Robin access to the Eagle Blaster, which she can use to channel any of her attacks at a range, making some of her attacks instant hits.
  • Velocity: Increased speed.

While these are the HeroCards commonly used by Robin, she has access to others through stunts.


Furthermore, Robin can access the more powerful World's Finest Mode armor by using the Centurion HeroCard in the Alpha slot and the Raven HeroCard in the Beta slot at the same time.




Fangirl: Robin is a big fan of super heroes. Even as experienced as she has become, meeting a famous hero can give her pause, or at worst go into complete fangirl mode. The GM can award Justice a Hero Point if fangirling over another hero causes her to skip a turn or otherwise become distracted.


Friend In Need: If given a situation where she can stop a villain or save someone, Robin will always try to save another person first, even if it might not be the smartest action. The GM can award Justice a Hero Point if a situation arises where she has to choose between saving someone or defeating a villain, and Justice's choice to save someone lets the villain get away or get an advantage over her.


HeroCards: Robin uses special cards with NFC reader and magic code to activate her different weapons and abilities. While she can quickly use different cards, situations can arise where change weapons just isn't feasible, such as being in a situation where she can't use her arms or being caught in an intense fight. The GM can award Justice a Hero Point if they decide that the situation makes it difficult or outright impossible for Justice to activate a new HeroCard, which in turn means that Justice can't change the active powers in her ScaleDriver Alpha Slot and ScaleDriver Beta Slot arrays.


Mars Attacks: While Justice has become an enemy of the entire Chamber of Emerald City, she has, in particular, become one of Max Mars' targets. While he has kept her around for now, he is not above sending enemies to mess with her just because he can. Ultio Suit Users tend to attack Justice on sight, for instance. The GM can award Justice a Hero Point by, at any point, deciding to involve Max Mars' machinations in the plot, such as sending a group of Ultio Suit Users to make life difficult for Justice and her allies.


Motor Mouth: Robin likes to talk. A lot. She can just keep going if she wants to, and doesn't always know when to not explain something. The GM can award Justice a Hero Point if her constant talking causes issues, such as making a social situation worse or getting her in trouble by overxplaining thing.


No Secret Identity: Somehow, Robin was lucky enough that only Max Mars learned her secret identity back in Emerald City. Her debut in Freedom City was much too public for that, and her identity is now out in the open. On the other hand, she does usually wear an armor while working as a hero, so she won't be as easy to recognize as someone running around without a mask. The GM can award Justice a Hero Point if her lack of secret identity causes issues, such as people recognizing her.


Power Up Let Down: Justice's World's Finest Mode. armor, accessed through the Morph power Centurion/Raven: World's Finest requires large amounts of power to run. The GM can effectively veto any use of the World's Finest Mode Armor if they don't want Justice to use it in a thread. Invoking this complication does not award Justice a Hero Point, but allows the GM an excuse to keep Justice from increasing in PL during a thread.




4 + 4 + 8 + 14 + 6 + 6 = 42PP

Strength: 14 (+2) / [Justice Armor X] 18 (+4)
Dexterity: 14 (+2) / [Justice Armor X] 16 (+3)
Constitution: 18 (+4)
Intelligence: 24 (+7)
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 16 (+3)




8 + 8 = 16PP

Initiative: +7 (+7 Int [Speed of Thought]) / [Justice Armor X] +11 (+7 Int [Speed of Thought], +4 Improved Initiative)
Attack: +4 Base / [Justice Armor X] +4 Base, +10 for Individual Attacks, +10 MeleeLady Liberty HeroCard(+4 Base, +6 Attack Focus [Melee])

Defense: +4 Base, +2 Flat-Footed / [Justice Armor X] +10 (+4 Base Defense, +1 Enhanced Defense, +5 ScaleDriver Weight System set to Balance), +5 (+4 Base Defense, +1 Enhanced Defense, +0 ScaleDriver Weight System set to Heavyweight), +15 (+4 Base Defense, +1 Enhanced Defense, +10  ScaleDriver Weight System set to Lightweight), +3 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +6 (+4 Base Attack, +2 Strength) / [Justice Armor X] +8 (+4 Base Attack, +2 Strength, +2 Enh. Strength), +14Lady Liberty HeroCard(+4 Base Attack, +2 Strength, +2 Enh. Strength, +6 Attack Focus [Melee]), +20Lady Liberty/Centurion HeroCard(+4 Base Attack, +2 Strength, +2 Enh. Strength, +6 Attack Focus [Melee], +6 Super-Strength), +22Lady Liberty/Centurion HeroCard/Balance(+4 Base Attack, +2 Strength, +2 Enh. Strength, +6 Attack Focus [Melee], +8 Super-Strength)
Knockback: -2 (TOU 4) / [Justice Armor X] -2 (TOU 5 ScaleDriver Weight System set to Lightweight), -5 (TOU 10 ScaleDriver Weight System set to Balance), -12 (TOU 15, Imp. TOU 10, ScaleDriver Weight System set to Heavyweight)




 + 5 + 8 = 19PP

Toughness: +4 (+4 Con) / [Justice Armor X] +10 (+4 Con, +1 Protection, +5 ScaleDriver Weight System set to Balance), +15/Imp. Tou 10 (+4 Con, +1 Protection, +10 ScaleDriver Weight System set to Heavyweight), +5 (+4 Con, +1 Protection, +0 ScaleDriver Weight System set to Lightweight)

Fortitude: +10 (+4 Con, +6)

Reflex: +7 (+2 Dex, +5) / [Justice Armor X] +8 (+2 Dex, +1 Enh. Dex, +5), +10  (+2 Dex, +1 Enh. Dex, +5, +2 ScaleDriver Weight System set to Balance), +12 (+2 Dex, +1 Enh. Dex, +5, +4 ScaleDriver Weight System set to Lightweight)

Will: +11 (+3 Wis, +8)




124R = 31PP


Acrobatics 12 (+14) / [Justice Armor X] (+15)

Computers 8 (+15)

Concentration 7 (+10) 

Craft [Electronics] 8 (+15)

Craft [Mechanical] 8 (+15)

Diplomacy 12 (+15) 

Disable Device 8 (+15)

Drive 7 (+9) / [Justice Armor X] (+10) 

Gather Information 7 (+10)

Investigate 3 (+10)

Knowledge [Arcane Lore] 3 (+10)

Knowledge [Physical Sciences] 8 (+15)

Knowledge [Popular Culture] 5 (+12)

Knowledge [Technology] 8 (+15)

Medicine 3 (+10)

Notice 7 (+10)

Search 3 (+10)

Sense Motive 7 (+10)






Acrobatic Bluff


Challenge [Fast Acrobatic Bluff]

Equipment 7 [Veteran Reward]

Improvised Tools



Luck 3

Speed of Thought

Uncanny Dodge [Auditory]


Enhanced Feats

Accurate Attack

Attack Focus [Melee] 6Lady Liberty HeroCard

Evasion 2

Improved Initiative

Power Attack

Quick Change

Takedown Attack 2Justice Strikes

Uncanny Dodge [Mental]Synapse HeroCard

Uncanny Dodge [Visual]


Equipment: 7PP = 35EP

The Law Rider (Vehicle; Motorcycle) [15EP]


Size: Medium [0EP]
Strength: 15 [1EP]
Defense: 10 [0EP]
Toughness: 8 [3EP]
Features: [5EP]

- Alarm

- Caltrops

- Oil Slick

- Navigation System

- Remote Control

Powers: [6EP]
- Speed 5 (250 mph / 2500 ft/rnd) [5EP]
- Super-Movement 2 (Options: Wall-Crawling 2, Flaws: Limited [only while moving]) [1EP]


The AnneX (Headquarters; Abandoned Outpost in Z-Space) [20EP]


Size: Large [1EP]
Defense: 10 [0EP]
Toughness: 5 [0EP]
Features: [14EP]

Defense System
Fire Prevention System


Isolated [In Z-Space]
Living Space
Power System

Security System

Powers: [5EP]

- Teleport 8 (Flaws: Limited [Return to Previous Location on Earth-Prime], Long-Range; Feats: Dimensional) (2000 mile range from Riverside in Freedom City) [5EP] (Descriptors: Earth Teleport, Technology)


NOTE: Characters approved by Justice can add the following 1PP power to be able to reach the AnneX without needing Justice to bring them:

Super Movement 1 (Dimensional Movement [To Justice's Z-Space HQ]; Flaws: Hard-to-lose) [1PP] (Descriptors: Z-Space HQ Teleport Beacon, Technology)




14 + 90 + 8 = 112PP


Device 3 (15DP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose; Feats: Restricted 2 [Only Robin can use]) [14PP] (Descriptors: Grandmother's Amulet, Magic)

Dimensional Pocket 2 (PF: Progression 3 (1,000 lbs) [5DP] (Descriptors: Dimensional, Magic, Z-Space)


Feature 2 (Adaptible Power Source - Can be used to power anything that requires power to function) [2DP] (Descriptors: Magic)


Z-Space Array 3.5 (7DP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 1) [8DP] (Descriptors: Dimensional, Magic, Z-Space)

BPTeleport 4 (Flaws: Short-Range; Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turnabout) (400 ft. distance) {7/7} (DescriptorsCombat Teleport)

APSuper-Movement 1 (Dimensional Movement [To and From Z-Space]; Extras: Portal (+2), Feats: Alternate Power 1, Progression [Portal Size] 3) (Up to 50ft x 50ft portal) {7/7} (DescriptorsZ-Space Portal)


Device 22 (110DP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose; Feats: Restricted 2 [Only Robin can use]) [90PP] (Descriptors: Justice Armor X, Invention, Magic, Technology)


Datalink 2 (Radio; 100 feet; Feats: Machine Control) [3DP] (DescriptorsRemote Hacking)


Enhanced Dexterity 2 [2DP] (Descriptors: A.I. Assisted Coordination)


Enhanced Feat 5 (Accurate Attack, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative, Power Attack) [5DP] (DescriptorsCombat Subroutines)


Enhanced Feat 1 (Quick Change) [1DP] (DescriptorsInstant Armor)


Enhanced Strength 4 [4DP] (Descriptors: Enhanced Musculature)


Enhanced Trait 2 (Defense Bonus+1) [2DP] (DescriptorsCombat Subroutines)


Features 2 (Built-in Subtle Computer) [2DP] (DescriptorsComputer, A.I. System)


Morph 1 (One Form [World's Finest Mode]; Feats: Metamorph 1) [2DP] (DescriptorsCenturion/Raven: World's Finest, Super Mode)


Protection 1 [1DP] (DescriptorsArmor)


ScaleDriver Alpha Slot 14.5 (29DP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 4) [33DP] (Descriptors: Weapons, Z-Space)

BP{24 + 6 = 29/29DP} (DescriptorsLady Liberty HeroCard)

Damage 6 (Extras: Penetrating 5; Feats: Improved Critical 2, Indirect 3, Knockback 5, Mighty, Takedown Attack 2) [24DP] (DescriptorsJustice Strikes, Kicks, Punches, Enhanced Musculature, Bludgeoning Damage Type

Enhanced Feat 6 (Attack Focus [Melee] 6) [6DP]

AP{13 + 16 = 29/29DP} (Descriptors: Justice HeroCard, Justice Kick, Enhanced Musculature, Finishing Move, Bludgeoning Damage Type

Damage 6 (Extras: Area [General Trail], Linked [Drain Toughness] (+0); Feats: Mighty) (60 ft. trail area) [13DP] 

Drain Toughness 10 (Extras: Area [General Trail], Linked [Damage] (+0); Drawback: Progression [Area Size] 4) (60 ft. trail area) [16DP]

APBlast 10 (Feats: Accurate 3, Improved Critical 1, Indirect 3, Variable Descriptor 2 [Any Magic]) {29/29DP} (DescriptorsPatriot HeroCard, Patriot Blaster, Variable Ammunition, Z-Space Portals)

APSnare 10 (Feats: Accurate 3, Improved Critical 2, Indirect 3, Tether) {29/29DP} (DescriptorsEmerald Spider HeroCard, Quantum Webbing)

APStun 10 (Feats: Accurate 3, Improved Critical 2, Indirect 3, Sedation) {29/29DP} (DescriptorsCaptain Thunder HeroCard, Thunder Strike, Electricity)


ScaleDriver Beta Slot 10.5 (21DP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 4) [25DP] (Descriptors: Armor, Z-Space)

BP{16 + 5 = 21/21DP} (DescriptorsCenturion HeroCard)

Super-Strength 6 (Feats: Groundstrike, Shockwave, Super-Breath, Thunderclap) (+30 STR Carry, Heavy Load: 9.6 tons) [16DP] (DescriptorsCenturion's Strength)

Immunity 9 (Life Support; Flaws: Limited [Half Effect]) [5DP] (DescriptorsCenturion's Protection)

AP{10 + 11 = 21/21DP} (DescriptorsSynapse HeroCard

Immunity 10 (Psionic Effects) [10DP] (DescriptorsPsi-Shield)

Super-Senses 11 (Danger Sense [Sense Types: Mental], Mental [Sense Type: Mental; Default Extras: None; Extras: Accurate, Acute, Counters Concealment, Counters Illusion, Radius, Ranged]) [21PP] (DescriptorsDanger Sense)

AP{3 + 10 + 6 + 2 = 21/21DP} (DescriptorsRaven HeroCard, Stealth)

Concealed Attack 3 Adds (Feats: Insidious, Subtle 2) to Weight Alpha Array [3DP] (Descriptors: Hidden Attacks)

Concealment 10 (All Senses; Flaws: Blending) [10DP] (DescriptorsSuperior Stealth)

Obscure 6 (Visual Obscure; Flaws: Range [Touch]) [6DP] (DescriptorsInstant Darkness, Darkness)

Super-Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2) [2DP]

AP{11 + 10 = 21/21DP} (DescriptorsFreedom Eagle HeroCard, Flight, Range) 

Eagle Eyes 10 Adds (Extras: Range; Feats: Progression [Range] 1) to Weight Alpha Array [11DP] (DescriptorsEagle Eyes, Blaster, Channel Attacks, Z-Space)

Flight 5 (250 mph, 2500 ft./rnd.) [10DP] (DescriptorsWings of Freedom, Flight, Gravity)

AP{10 + 4 + 3 + 4 = 21/21DP} (DescriptorsVelocity HeroCard, Super Speed)

Full Velocity 10 Adds (Extras: Autofire) to Weight Alpha Array [10DP] (DescriptorsFull Velocity, Quick hits)

Speed 4 (100 mph, 1000 ft./rnd.) [4DP]

Stacks with Speed in Weight System Array

Balance: Total Speed 6 (500 mph, 5000 ft./rnd.)

Lightweight: Total Speed 8 (2500 mph, 25,000 ft./rnd.)

Super-Movement 4 (Sure-Footed 2, Wall-Crawling 2; Flaws: Limited [While Moving]) [3DP] 

Quickness 4 (Tasks at x25 Speed) [4DP]


ScaleDriver Weight System 10 (20DP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [22DP] 

BP: {5 + 2 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 4 = 20/20} (DescriptorsBalance)

Enhanced Feat 5 (Dodge Focus 5; Total Defense +10) [5DP]

Enhanced Trait 2 (Reflex Save +2) [2DP]

Leaping 2 (Leap distance x5: Running 70 ft.) [2DP]

Protection 5 (Total Toughness +10) [5DP]

Speed 2 (25 MPH, 250 ft./rnd) [2DP]

Super-Strength 2 (+10 Effective Strength, heavy load: 700 lbs./1200 lbs.) [4DP] (Descriptors: Enhanced Musculature)

AP: {10 + 10 = 20/20} (DescriptorsHeavyweight)

Impervious Toughness 10 [10DP]

Protection 10 (Total Toughness +15) [10DP]

AP: {10 + 4 + 2 + 4 = 20/20} (DescriptorsLightweight)

Enhanced Feat 10 (Dodge Focus 10; Total Defense +15) [10DP]

Enhanced Trait 4 (Reflex Save +4) [4DP]

Leaping 2 (Leap distance x5: Running 70 ft.) [2DP]

Speed 4 (100 MPH, 1000 ft./rnd) [4DP]


Super-Senses 8 (Counters Visual Concealment, Counters Visual Obscure, Uncanny Dodge [Visual]) [8DP] (DescriptorsH.U.D., Computer Analysis, Combat Subroutines)


Gadgets 1 (5PP Variable Power, Any Power, Multiple Powers At Once; Extras: Duration [Continuous]) [8PP] (DescriptorsSummon Gadgets, Invention, Technology, Z-Space)

Sample powers


Grappling GunSpeed 1 (Extras: Linked) + Super Movement 2 (Options: Slow Fall, Swinging; Extras: Linked) {5/5PP}
Electro-Static PadsSuper Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2) {4/5PP}
Gas Mask w. Air SupplyImmunity 2 (Gas Descriptor) [2PP] + Immunity 2 (Suffocation Effects; Flaws: Limited [1 hour air supply]) [1PP] {3/5PP}
Full Spectrum GogglesSuper Senses 5 (Infravision, Ultravision, Analytical Full Vision, Microscopic Vision 1 [dust-sized]) {5/5PP}
First Aid KitEnhanced Trait 1 (Medicine +4) {1/5PP}
Gadgeteer's ToolsEnhanced Trait 2 (Craft [Electronics] +4, Craft [Mechanical] +4) {2/5PP}
Hacker's ToolkitEnhanced Trait 1 (Computers +4) {1/5PP}










Attack Bonus



DC17 TOU (staged)



Unarmed – Lady Liberty HeroCard


DC19 TOU (staged)



Justice Strike


DC25 TOU (staged)


+10, Crit 18-20, Indirect 3, Knockback 5, Penetrating 5, Takedown Attack 2

Justice Kick

60 ft. Trail Area

DC20 Fort (staged)

TOU Drain

General Trail Area, linked to Damage Effect



DC25 TOU (staged)


General Trail Area, linked to TOU Drain Effect

Patriot Blaster

100 ft.

DC25 TOU (staged)


+10, Crit 19-20, Indirect 3, Variable Descriptor 2 [Any Technological]

Quantum Webbing

100 ft.

DC20 REF (staged)

Fail: Entangled

>5/2nd Fail: Bound & Helpless

+10, Crit 18-20, Indirect 3, Tether

Thunder Strike


DC20 FORT (staged)

Fail: Dazed
>5: Stunned
>10: Unconscious

+10, Crit 18-20, Indirect 3, Sedation

Freedom Eagle HeroCard: Adds (Extras: Range; Feats: Progression [Range] 1)

Raven HeroCard: Adds (Feats: Insidious, Subtle 2)

Velocity HeroCard: Adds (Extras: Autofire)




Abilities (42) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (19) + Skills (31) + Feats (11) + Powers (112) - Drawbacks (0) = 231/231 Power Points

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