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Magenta swivelled her triangular head back and forth, multifaceted eyes trying to track whatever Danica and Neko were reacting to but her mechanical sensors were no more capable to detecting the illusory samurai than her fellows on the floor below had been able to see the bobtailed cat. She perked up when Neko began addressing her directly however, obviously pleased to be receiving any sort of attention. It was a little unclear how much of the specific words she understood until at the mention of the moon she straightened her long forelimbs and stuck them straight up on either side of her head to indicate rabbit ears and began hopping about the room in theatrical bounds. Her capering took her to the posts of Danica's bed and she quickly climbed up to give the posters a curious look up and down.

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"Yeah, lots of things!" Danica told her enthusiastically. She bellyflopped down onto her mattress and proceeded to wriggle out the top of her shell like a snake shedding its skin, leaving her dressed in the clothes she'd worn on arrival. The shell began to grow til it was the size of a little tent, covering nearly the whole bed. She crawled back in headfirst, her voice echoing a little as she disappeared inside. "It's bigger than it looks! You can come in if you want! And you too, Magenta!" she added. "I've got something for you!" 

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Neko stared at the robot for an uncomprehending instant, then declared <Oh! You speak Japanese! That's wonderful!> So a little machine speaks Japanese but hardly any human beings do! Well it is better than nothing. He is very cute. She was distracted by the show Danica was putting on and watched with great interest as the turtle girl disappeared into her shell. This sort of thing had been a great surprise to many of Danica's peers over the years, but Neko looked more interested than surprised; as if she was watching a talented artist at work rather than something alien. With a nod, she climbed up onto the bed, lowered her head and raised her butt, and padded slowly into the shell behind Danica, giving Magenta a wave to follow. 

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Despite its recent growth, the shell was still bigger on the inside as soon as Neko climbed in. It was a shadowy space, only barely lit by the room light from outside, and she could barely see the black and gold shell pattern around them. Just ahead of her, Danica waved encouragingly and opened a normal-looking, if small, door and ducked through it. Light washed out, and as soon as Neko stepped through she was with Danica in a little bedroom that could've been in any American house, complete with furniture and a whole other set of posters and decorations. 


"Welcome to my shell!" Danica exclaimed. "This is where I keep most of my stuff. It's technically a pocket dimension, I guess, but it's just easier to not think about it too much. It's magic!" She reached up onto one of the shelves and produced a Rubix cube the size of an apricot. "Here you go," she told Magenta, passing over the toy. "I thought you guys might like that." 

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Neko had removed her shoes when she'd first entered her bedroom, but inside Danica's shell she felt the urge to do it again, if only to be polite. She looked around and opened her arms, summoning a black and white cat that turned and ran back the way the girls had gone, then abruptly vanished around the time it would have crossed back out into the real world. "Okay! I see!" said Neko, looking around with awe frank on her face. "Your own - kingdom. You are - very powerful." It was more a statement about politics than superpowers. "Do you have servants here?" She had seen none, but Americans liked to hide things that were of great import if they found them embarrassing. 


She sat down on the floor, crossing her legs beneath her, and looked around the room, trying to keep confusion off her face. Her tail thwapped on the floor nervously for a moment before she calmed herself. She had only seen pictures of rooms like this, only in her father's books - and they had looked like rooms in great palaces or the lairs of magicians, not the bedroom of an American teenager. 

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