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Veronica Danger & The Man From Outer Space

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Space Ranger III


"Got it. Hold on!"


J'onn holstered on gun, quickly grabbing hold around Veronica's waist to hold her close. Going too fast would be dangerous, the jetpack wasn't exactly built for two, but hey, it'd work. Grandpa had done plenty of heroic rescues with just a jetpack in the past, no reason it wouldn't work for J'onn!


Launching them upwards through the tunnel that Veronica was creating, J'onn poured on the power to move them as quickly as they could while the bullets ricocheted off the force field.


"Nice one!" 


And, finally, when they were out of the wall and continuing up, far out of reach, he stopped, just holding steady for a moment.


"That was awesome!He laughed, just staring down at the people below while he started moving himself and Veronica away. "What was that all about?"

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Veronica Danger


Veronica watched as the men below began to shrink into the horizon as J'onn flew the pair off over the desert. "I am not fully sure to be honest." The teenage Danger responded to J'onn's question. "I got a lead about the tablet and how it might be helpful with some other research I am working on. So I found my way to the tomb where the tablet was located and managed to get around the traps and like and recover it. No sooner had I made my way back outside than those guys were coming after me and shooting."

"Like I said, if they had started off by trying to talk to me, we might have worked something out and worked together on solving whatever mystery is contained on this tablet." Once they had flown out of range, Veronica let the mystical energy field drop.


"What about you, how did you end up out here, of all places?"

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Space Ranger III


J'onn's helmet activated once the energy field around them disappeared. Some kind of automatic defense to protect his face or something. He wasn't quite sure.


"I got absolutely no idea what you're talking about," J'onn didn't sound rude or disinterested, just honest about the situation. "But kinda seemed like they were the bad guys. I'm not helping some kind of thief now, right?" He winked behind the helmet, the shadow of his eyes barely visible.


"That's kind of a weird story, I guess, but before we get into that: Any direction in particular you want to go?"

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Veronica Danger


"Well, I would think their default position of just trying to kill us would be a good sign they were the bad guys." Veronica replied to J'onn with a small grin.


As he asked if she wanted him to head in any particular direction, the teenage Danger took a moment to reorient herself as she pointed off towards the east. "The nearest town is in that general direction, but it's a couple hundred miles, so would take awhile."


Glancing back behind them, she looked back towards J'onn. "I think you have put some distance between us and those thugs. So we can set down anywhere and I can get us out of this desert much quicker."

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Space Ranger III


"Eh, that doesn't have to be the case every time. Good guys go for guns too, y'know." 


J'onn nodded in response to Veronica's request and shifted them around, before starting a slow descent towards the desert. The jetpack wasn't really meant for long distance, so if she had some kind of trick to get them out of the desert, he was all in.


Reaching the ground, he let go of Veronica and pulled back his helmet again. He crossed his arms and grinned.


"Alright then, show me what you can do, magic girl."

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Veronica Danger


"Sure good guys use guns, just the default position of killing everyone is generally not a sign of a good guy." Veronica stated with a smile as they landed once more, rocky desert stretching out endlessly around the pair.


The teenage Danger gave a smirk as J'onn told her to show him what she could do. Taking a deep breath, Veronica's hands began glowing with golden mystical energy as she raised them and began tracing several symbols in the air.


The golden energy began to spread in the air around the pair as Veronica reached out to touch J'onn on the shoulder and suddenly there was a golden flash and they were no longer in the desert.


When the flash subsided, the pair were standing on a large balcony of a building in what appeared to be a crowded city. Off in the distance could be seen several giant pyramid shaped buildings that dwarfed even the more modern structures in the city.


The balcony was partially covered with a canopy, which helped to block out much of the overhead sun and there were a number of planters and other decorations. There was a table with several chairs, on which was a large pitcher and several glasses and off to one side where several lounge chairs, one of which was currently occupied by a woman who appeared to be in her mid-twenties. She was dressed in khaki shorts and a white short sleeve blouse and had been reading a book when the pair suddenly appeared on the balcony.

The woman seemed only partially surprised by their sudden appearance and quickly went back to an neutral expression as she sat the book down on a small table next to her. "I was beginning to wonder how much longer it might be before you just teleported back." She stated as she looked over at J'onn. "I see you brought along a new companion."

"Prudence, this is J'onn, he helped me out with some people that apparently were after the tablet." The teenage Danger replied rather matter-of-factly. "J'onn, this is Prudence, my personal assistant." She then added as she walked over the table and began pouring a glass of water. "Care for a drink?"

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Space Ranger III


J'onn held his hand up and opened his mouth to say something, then stopped himself and lowered his hand.


"Alright, yeah. Fair point."


He whistled at the show that Veronica put up, the magic and runes and such, and, to his credit, only froze slightly when she touched him and they suddenly weren't in the desert anymore.


Golden light, big pyramids up ahead, desert around them?


Yeah, J'onn still didn't have any idea at all where they were.


"Nice place you got here," he commented, before giving Prudence a quick salute. "Good to meet ya."


"Sure, sure, water's good," J'onn followed her to the table, while looking around the place. "Seems like you got it pretty good here?"

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Veronica Danger


"Very nice to meet you J'onn." Prudence stated with a small nod in return before focusing back on Veronica. "So, I take it things got a bit more exciting than simply dealing with dust and avoiding the occasional trap?"


Veronica gave a small nod as she poured a glass of water that she offered to J'onn. "Yes, I got the tablet no problem, but just as I made my way out a bunch of guys on bikes and jeeps came speeding up taking shots at me. J'onn here appeared in the middle of the chase to help me out."


The teenage Danger focused back on J'onn as she took one of the seats at the table with her glass of water. "Oh, this place," she replied with a dismissive gesture to the balcony around them, "it belongs to one of my family's companies. We do pretty well for ourselves, but also fund a lot of humanitarian, environmental and scientific research projects around the world."


"Which brings up the question, what brings you to Earth in general, and Egypt in particular, J'onn?" She asked.

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