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(OMTB) Once More To The Boards (OOC)

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Stealth is a Skill Mastered 25. For the record, the Chameleonic Field Projector is from her Gadgets. Concealment 4 (All Visual Senses; Power Feat: Close Range; Flaw: Blending). Notice is a Skill Mastered 25 or a Quickness boosted 35, dealer's choice.

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https://orokos.com/roll/900086 And my first roll is a 3. So...13. So...no. HP Reroll time.


https://orokos.com/roll/900087 And then I rolled lower. a 2. But HP means that's a 12, so 22 on the dot. Now time for the halved TOU save, as I should really give her Evasion. Vs. DC 21.


https://orokos.com/roll/900088 Rolled a 19. for 29 overall. Tanked it. Could've kept the HP. Oh, well.

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Archer will shoot arrows at the caped figure above.


First: Fast Acrobatic Feint to try and catch them flat-footed: 38

Standard arrows with piercing damage type and rapid fire arrows to give them Autofire: 19



Well, good on the feint, not so much on the shot, but oh well.

DC21 TOU, up to +3DC from Autofire, if it hits.

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