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Tik. Tok.


The Hooked Man groaned. The Forever Boy's strike left him reeling, and then the automaton was before him, hands on either side of his head, squeezing. He was clearly in pain, his body making unnatural sounds as Angelic continued her work, doing anything but living up to her name.


With a mighty effort, he pushed himself free, waving his sword wildly. Enough to break her hold, but not enough to actually hit her.


"Ha! Flesh and bone? I am much more than that!" 


He stood tall, sword held between him and his attackers.


"I am Hook! I am order in this chaos! And you? You are nothing! A soulless automaton! A thing!"




The wave of white crept ever closer.


The Great Detectives looked away from the Mad Professor. In the moment of distraction, he stabbed at them. And then they were gone.




The Crocodile moved ever closer, standing above the Hooked Man's ship, observing the battle on the deck.

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There was a sudden rumble in the sky, and a cloud formed above Hook's ship. Then, the deck was bathed in emerald light as the Thunderbird rose on wings of crackling green lightning, shaped like a terrible bird of prey. He paused for a moment a few dozen feet above the ship's deck. His right hand reached skyward, and a bolt of energy was simply in his hand. Then in a flash and a crack of thunder, he was on the ship, standing such that he, Pan, and Angelic formed something of a triangle around Hook. Micah reared his hand back with a snarl on his face and cracked goggles over his eyes.


"I think you're a-" several Cherokee words his mother would blush to hear "-and that all you represent is tyranny. Just another white man with delusions of grandeur. Me? I'm the storm, Hook."


HIs arm snapped forward, and the bolt flew true. 

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Forever Boy


"Eira Katastroff Natt och Dag!" Pan sounded absolutely furious as he called out to her.


He moved out of the formation that Micah had created. Instead he was by Eira's side in a moment, his arms wrapping around her.


"Enough!" He sounded desperate. "Look around you! Listen to yourself! This is not who you are! You can be mean, you can hurt others, but this? You sound like the Hooked Man! He's the tyrant, not you! Whatever else you may be, whatever else we may be, you are a hero! You are my hero!"


Pan turned to the Hooked Man, and held out his hand towards him. His shadow surged around his enemy's body, tightening around him, keeping him in place.


"Now, please. I got him. All of us together. We will stop him!"

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A human girl would have been panting, out of breath, but of course Eira only did that when she was so inclined. She reached out towards the bound Hooked Man without any force and said softly "The dead are not bound by the laws of men. Imagine the beauty of it. The beauty of a world made by science..." Her voice trailed off, not into silence but with a distinct metallic whine, and when it returned it sounded distinctly - tinny, as if Pan and Micah were listening to an old-fashioned radio set. "I am not compatible with this world's - laws of physics. I am not w-w-well.

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The white was creeping ever closer. At the edge of sight, the horizon was disappearing into featureless white. 






The Hooked Man slumped forward, bound in shadow. His breath was ragged. 


"Nothing is right! Nothing is well!" He spit poison as he struggled to rise. His body was broken. His spirit far from. "Do you not understand? This is the end! The summer is over! The fall is coming! The story has happened before, and it will happen again! Again and again, until I win! As long as I live, I will shape the story!"




The Crocodile grunted. It glared at the people below.


The undending white crept closer and closer. Soon the ocean and Victori would disappear.

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"Sounds like you're just scared, Hook. Scared of losing. Scared of being...irrelevant? Scared of change?"


Micah stood there, his energy-wings folded on his back. A scowl was on his face, enhanced by his goggles. His hands flexed open and closed several times.


"So because of that fear, you just...what, violated everything? Performed atrocities? The war you started, the things you did to your own crew! But the thing you're most wrong about, is the thought that someone like you will ever win."


He stepped closer and leaned over Hook.


"People like us will always stand in your way."

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Forever Boy


Pan held Eira close. She was not herself. No, she was not herself in any way. This was all too much, was it not? Pan's home was so different, the rules so unlike what she was used to.


"You will be. I am here, and, you see, I made a wish. A wish that you and Micah would return home, safe and sound. And wishes do come true, if you work for them." He smiled at Eira, while he looked at her, still holding her.


He looked around, while Micah spoke. His interest in the Hooked Man seemed to have been replaced by concern from his friends. He saw the white that approached. "It is all ending." Everything was ending, then? The Crocodile stood above him them, staring at the scene on the ship. Unafraid, Pan returned it's stare.


And his eyes lit up with realization. Scared of changeHe was Pan, the Forever Boy! Why should he be scared?


His lips split into a smile.


He stood up, holding Eira with one arm, taking Micah's hand with his other. He looked up at the Crocodile.


"Go on, then! End this! Do what you came to do!"


Pan looked to Eira, and to Micah, and back again.


"The fall is coming, yes? Neverworld is ending! But why should we be scared of change?" He echoed Micah's words, from the moment before. "What if, at the end of Never, there is Forever?"

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"Pretty boy," said Eira with a smile, her voice whirring and clicking. "In the real world, Miss Americana must have activated another version of me already. They will never know about this-this-this." Her hand tightened in Pan's where she leaned against him, "I knew that the m-m-moment we arrived here. A shadow of a thing that has been. All this time, I just wanted to be - something more than I was. I hope you see a light..." As the wall of white closed in, Eira Katastroff considered her options and closed her eyes, and smiled as the last two years played inside her head faster than the human mind could follow. Until there was nothing else. 

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Micah looked up at the Crocodile, then looked out at the approaching wave of white light. He felt sadness at the thought of what was going to be wiped away, but a tiny bit of relief. Perhaps these people would find the next...season...of life here less traumatic. It was hard to tell.


"Really hope the crocodile doesn't need to eat us for this to go down. Not an experience I want."


He turned to his friends, his face softening as he looked at Eira. He laid a hand gently on her twitching shoulders.


"You're more than a shadow, Eira."


His gaze turned to Pan.


"I'm glad to stand beside you, my friend."


He bowed his head, and wings of gently glowing emerald motes circled all three of the teenagers as the walls of white closed in. 

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Time was up.


"Come, then!" the Hooked Man bellowed as the white nothing closed in around them, bringing the fall.


The Crocodile's mouth opened, and it moved swiftly. In one bite, the Hooked Man was gone from sight. All that remained was his scarlet coat.


As the white encroached them, the giant beast looked down on the group, held tight in the Thunderbird's wings. It breathed heavily on them, and then it too was gone, caught up in the nothing of white that were all around them.


In moments, everything was gone.


All that remained was Angelic, Thunderbird, the Forever Boy and the Hooked Man's coat, surrounded by endless white of nothing.

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Forever Boy


Pan smiled, holding Eira close while Micah's wings surrounded them. There was something more to the smile than his usual cheer. He knew something. He looked up at Micah briefly, and then, when everything else was gone, he stood, breaking free of Micah's wings.


"Open your eyes, Eira. It was not the end, just an end."


He swung his arm out to the side, out towards the endless white that surrounded them.


"I promised that I would get you home, and I keep my promises, do I not?" 


Once more, the Forever Boy took Micah's hands, as well as Eira's, while they stood in the white nothing, their feet somehow touching solid ground that was not there.


"Do you see? This is not nothing! This is everything! The Hooked Man told us, but he had it all wrong: This story has happened before, and it will happen again! But not as he expected. See, something is very different, from all those other times! This time you are here! Love and friendship! For once, he did not win! And, Micah made a wish to the Pixies: That everyone would come out on the other side, not as they were, but better!


Pan smiled. His smile was brilliant. 


"Look! It is not nothing! It is an empty page! Full of promise!"


Beneath their feet, grey rock began to form. It cut through the white nothing, spreading out, their feet now upon a skull faced rock in the middle of the sea that formed beneath them, the bright blue sky above them, islands forming in the distance. 


"Welcome to Foreverworld!" 

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Eira opened her eyes to find not the nothing she'd expected or the afterlife she hadn't dared imagine - but something else entirely. A part of her wanted to retreat back into the comforting silence of her own head, but something was wrong there as well. Blinking, she stepped away from the boys and appeared to be distinctly wobbling, as if the corner of reality that held her was still unstable. "No, no," she was muttering to herself, raising a hand that looked decidedly pinker than usual, with veins bulging on the back of her hand and a distinctly visible pulse. "No, this is not what I want -" She closed her hand into a fist and visibly flesh rippled before settling down into the slight pallor the boys were familiar with. "If this is a land of stories, I write my own." She gritted her teeth and hissed aloud. "She is dead!" With that final surge of willpower, she concentrated and her body shifted into the cool cold chrome of a machine. With a hard smile on her face, she walked back over to join the boys. "We did it," she told Pan reflectively. "We defeated this place.

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Micah knew Eira well enough now that he hid his sadness at her angry rejection of being something besides metal and plastic. He could appreciate she wanted to choose her own future, but he remembered the screaming and anger when they'd visited her home. It seems she still needed to find peace with parts of herself. Instead, he just smiled at his friends as his powers faded away. 


"We didn't defeat this place, Eira. We defeated Hook, but as for Never...well, I guess Foreverworld? Seems like we saved it."


He smiled and crossed his arms over his chest. 


"Seems like a good start to a new book, yeah?"

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