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The Obsidian Prison: The Petty Tyrant

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"...pork?" El asked, not understanding the reference. "Whatever you say, Leon." This time period is so weird!


El nodded in agreement. What he said made sense - El would not have recognized the building had she visited it in her timeline, so she trusted his judgement. Besides, she was not going to be the one to say that she didn't know where they were going. She assumed that the Ex-Prisoner would have some sort of...trail of destruction left in his wake.


"I see your powers of porcine detection have worked again, Leon. But I do not understand what pigs have to do with the sheriff's office? Please explain this to me later."



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The teens traveled through the streets of Rodney, which are surprisingly empty for this time of day - apparently, the tyrant's hand was heavy enough that people weren't really willing to come out of their homes. As they go, they passed by several police cars driving past them - towards where they had left the car behind. Continuing their journey, the heroes came across more and more signs that Ex-Prisoner had been practicing his powers - obsidian spikes are increasingly commonplace "decorations" on storefronts and streets. They even saw a few people sealed in vast chunks of the same material, their expressions frozen in horror.

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Leon thought he was going to choke for a moment as he bit back the laugh at El’s unintentional, straightman delivery.

“I will be happy to explain it later.” He managed as the trio continued along the nearly empty streets. Several times cop cars passed them and Leon wanted to spit on them, but he kept his saliva to himself. His good humor quickly soured further as they began to come across victims of this ‘Ex-Prisoner’ character.

He pauses for a moment, getting as close as he dared to one of the mineral-prisons, staring deep into it at the poor soul trapped within.

“Think they’re... dead?” He asked in a solemn tone neither girl would probably associate with the normally light-hearted and joking, goof-off. 

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