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Some time later: 


Aquaria leaped on top of the large ventilated storage box and opened her mouth. She reached out with her tongue and grabbed the sliding door on the front of the box, yanking it open with a flex of her powerful muscles. Booming lustily as she noisily hopped up and down on the box, she called "Go! Go! Go!" as the occupants of the box scuttled free and into the corridor near the pool. Six big, meaty lobsters, all of them fresh and live from the local grocery store, scuttled out, their shells adorned with eldritch signs in glow-in-the-dark paint and also Roman numerals. Sometimes her friends liked to take bets. 


"Go Three!" she called as she scrabbled along after the lobsters, clinging wetly to the ceiling as she went. She had placed a small bet herself on that likely-looking fellow. And then if he won; as the worthiest of the lobsters, dinner would be hers!  

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Ms Grue

Daphne was trying to follow along with whole thing, she wasn’t total sure about using animal for entrainment. As a telepath and empath she could feel creatures confusion and pain, and it was never a pleasant experience. Luckily these crustaceans seemed relatively calm, and they weren’t exactly the most expressive or smartest of creatures.


Remind me again what's going to happen to them after the race? We’re going to let the winner go right?”


She knew that most creatures needed food for survival, but that didn’t mean you had to be mean about it all.

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"Let them go into my belly!" croaked Aquaria joyfully. Hopping along, she considered that Daphne did not like this sort of thing very much. Certainly Aquaria herself was all burbling joy and hunger, the sort of thing that might have been intimidating if the Grue didn't know her so well. "Probably!" she hastily extemporized. "The rest we will house together, and perhaps the strongest of them will breed. And then more lobster!

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Meanwhile, something else entirely was happening up near the castle roof. The figure that swooped down low over the castle rooftops came in slowly, crackling with invisible energies that were familiar to the castle's sensors - magnetic, powered by a powerful internal battery. When Eira landed in the upper courtyard flying visitors to the DuTemps Castle sometimes used, she put her hands on her hips and smiled. She looked older than when anyone had last seen her by a solid decade, a woman in her mid-twenties rather than a girl of sixteen. Her short blonde hair and her blue eyes were perfect, if she did say so herself (and she did), a careful balance between her own preferences and perfectly calculated aesthetics. Her muscular form was hugged tightly by a blue and yellow outfit with a large S across the chest and a flowing golden cape behind her. Her skirt reached her knees, the shorts she wore underneath quite a bit shorter. 


"Tantes!" she called with cheerful anticipation as she carried out a conversation with Bluebird that was invisible to any human senses. "I am here early!

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