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The mighty beast tore through the hallways, running after the young man clad in red, white, blue and gold armor. The mighty Aliengator ran its claws through the wall as the Freedom Eagle blasted at it. He had reached his goal, a swirling circular portal, large enough to bring an army. He held a hand out towards it, and it came to life, a swirling rainbow portal opening. 


The Freedom Eagle turned just in time to see the massive humanoid alien alligator come running at him, grasping him and pushing him into the portal, leaving the empty hallways behind.


The Sky Above the Millenium Mall

April 24th, 4PM, 2021


An otherwise nice and quiet day at the Millenium Mall was interrupted. The sky above the mall crackled with rainbow energies and multicolored lightning. A massive circular portal in all the swirling colors of the rainbow opened, releasing two falling figures. The portal closed immediately. The larger, a large humanoid alligator clad in a white armor that left its arms, tail and face free, was grappling the smaller, clad in red, white, blue and gold.


The smaller figure managed to kick himself free, spreading out golden wings to stop his fall, while the monster fell to the ground. Seemingly unharmed, aside from parts of its armor starting to break, the creature stood and roared to the sky.


Of course, the winged man was not the only hero at the scene! 

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Oh, this was not good. This was so not good. James was falling, the giant Aliengator drone was holding on to him with one massive hand and was trying to bite him, even mid-fall. That was... that was really not ideal! How had he gotten into this situation in the first place? Fighting the Aliengator Swarm on his own? That was... that was bad! Like, really bad! 


"Bird! I need wings, right now!" he shouted, desperation clear in his voice.


Golden wings spread out from his star-spangled armor, cutting the Aliengator's hand and forcing him to let go.


Stopping his fall, he hovered for a second and watched the Aliengator crash into the ground. That... that was not going to be enough, was it? He paused for a moment, then dove towards the ground, coming in fast and skidding a few feet across the ground, his golden wings stretched out.


"Alright, come on then! I'm ready for you this time!" 

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Muirne ducked instinctively as the pair crashed to the ground, turning to look at the pair. She wanted to help, but wasn't willing to jump in without actually knowing who the bad guy is. She exhaled gently as she let the shadows and pain wash over her from her wellspring of power, quickly vanishing from sight. Quickly she made her way closer to the fight while pulling her gear out of her gate to the Shattenwelt and starting to put it on. She was glad that she had figured that out or else she would have to fight without equipment or let Aoife do it, and the situation was too potentially volatile for that.


I could do it! Aoife sounded earnest and eager for a fight.


Muirne snorted quietly at that but didn't reply, instead shaking her head. That same eagerness was the exact reason she wasn't transforming, Aoife would probably jump in to fight both of them. 

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One of Heroditus' classmates had suggested that going to one of Freedom's malls would be an ideal way to see both a broad sampling of consumer-grade Surfacer technology, and a wide assortment of foods.  He'd finally gotten around to doing so, and had been wandering around in the Millennium Mall for most of the day, flitting between the food court and various stores.  While clustered collections of merchants offering their wares were a familiar sight, the sheer number and variety of them had left the young Atlantean agog.  So many things!  And so many things of each thing!


He was about to try something called "tomato pie" when the two figures crashed into the building.  After muttering a curse in the bright click-pop language of his homeland, he ran towards the scene, assembling components form his belt pouches as he ran.  Is the reptilian one the aggressor?  That's what my instincts say, but how influenced are they by anti-Deep One prejudice?  No, no, best to see to the safety of the citizenry first, then I can sort out who they are.


He pointed his hastily-assembled device -- a miniature silver trident studded with pearls -- at the two, and a large wall of ice sprung up from his feet, reaching out to circle around them.  "Get out of here!," he called out to the few people standing and gawking, waving them away with his free hand, "it's not safe!  Go!"


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The Aliengator shook its head, blinking wildly. It seemed disoriented, though whether from the fall or the sudden appearance through the portal, who knew? 


It grunted, exhaling loudly as it looked around the people that were starting to panic and run around it. It didn't even seem to care about its former prey standing ready, not with so many others running around. It growled and started to move towards a nearby woman... and ran face first into a wall of ice.


With another grunt of annoyance, the Aliengator swung its tail at the ice dome.

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Well, that wasn't quite the entertainment Natalia had expected at the mall, but she wasn't going to turn down a show.


When the monster had appeared she'd leaned over the second-floor balcony, coffee cup dangling from one hand...but when it looked like there would be a proper fight she'd frowned, pulling the hood of her long cardigan up over her head - a terrible substitute for a proper costume, to be sure, but with her sunglasses it was better than nothing. If she was going to draw attention from feral creatures, it wouldn't hurt to be cautious.


Speaking of which.... "Temper, temper," she admonished from the walkway, gesturing lightly with one hand; something like black and gold dust swirled lightly around the ice-stymied creature, gravity pulling it in and down to try to bind it in place. "Let's test just how strong you are, hmm?"



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