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Damaging Move Object

Sandman XI

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Damaging (+1): Your Move Object effect can inflict damage, like an application of normal Strength with a Strength bonus equal to its rank (not its lifting Strength of rank x 5). This includes damaging targets in grapples and making ranged “strike†attacks.
I'm trying to design something for Quark for the Traffic Jam thread. He's gonna juryrig a pair of gloves that look like this:

Device 6 (hard to lose)

Move Object 7 (Extras: Range/Perception, Damaging; Power Feats: Precise)

Wouls his damage bonus be +1 (6 + 7 = 13, which is a +1 mod), +5 (-2 mod + +7 mod = +5 mod), or +7 (if so he'll have to lower it by one because he's only pl6 with no trade-offs)

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