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You don't know the time.

You don't remember the date.

You don't know where you are.


You feel cold.


Your eyes open, and you find yourself in a bed that you know is not your own. You appear to be in a hospital, with an IV drip connected from the back of the wrist on your left arm to a clear back that hangs by the side of the bed. You're sure that you're not dreaming.


You are alone.


The room is small, quadratic. Your bed is squashed up against the corner so you can see the door over the foot of the bed. The walls are light, grey. Monotone. Boring. The door is a slightly darker grey, barely standing out, if not for the handle and a small window that lets you see another door outside your room. There is a window on the wall opposite of your bed, with bars over it. It is closed. A single chair stands next to the bed. It seems to be made of a shiny metal. Aluminium, maybe.


You don't remember how you got here.


Were you in an accident? Did something happen?


And realization slowly begins to set in. You are alone. And you are not dreaming.

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The Dreamer rubbed her head as she took in the room. She looked around, dizzy and perplexed. Absently, she removed the IV from her arm. It wasn't a dream, she could tell when she was dreaming such things. Something so ephemeral and unknowable as another person was indistinguishable, but a place? This wasn't a dream or a nightmare. "I've been kidnapped." She said the words out loud, but no answer came from the room. No mocking from the Carnifex, no dream creatures attempting to comfort her or attempting to threaten the locale into submission. She supposed that meant she wasn't dreaming.

She wasn't dreaming.

She wasn't dreaming.

She wasn't dreaming.


Adrianna struggled to control her breathing as panic began to set in. It became a mantra in her head as she collapsed back to the bed.

I'm not dreaming.

I'm not dreaming.

I'm not dreaming!

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The Dreamer that didn't dream felt weak. Even the slightest movement was a struggle, a fight. She pulled the IV from her arm with some effort, the tube and needle falling and hanging limply. A clear fluid dripped from it, falling on the floor with a monotone dripping sound.


The room did not answer her statement.


As she began to realize, there were no dreams. Nothing to respond to her. Nothing to help her.


Nothing to keep her safe.


She could hear voices from outside the door. A man and a woman. She could not hear what they were saying. But she could hear the voices. And she could see the door handle slowly being turned.

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Adrianna continued to panic for some time. She was dreamless, no dreams meant that she would be vulnerable if something were to happen. It meant no creatures to carry her if she didn't have her wheelchair which was nowhere of course. She couldn't make a new one either and couldn't even bribe The Carnifex into helping her because SHE WAS DREAMLESS.


The voices broke her out of her panic. She gritted her teeth in anger, someone had kidnapped her. She wasn't going to stand by and let herself be taken. She may not be Dreaming. But even if she never dreamed again, she was still Adrianna Liddel and would not sully the name of her family by going down without a fight. She sat up slowly, grabbing the IV needle and holding it in her hand as discretely as possible, watching the door with her back straight.

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The door opened and a man and a woman entered. The man was blonde with short hair and sideburns, somewhere in the late 40'es. He was dressed in scrubs and white coat, like a doctor. He had a kind smile as he approached you. The woman, dressed as a nurse, had red hair tied into a bun at the back of her head. She looked rather more serious than the man, standing up straight with her arms at her sides.


"Ah, you are finally awake. How are you feeling, miss? I'm afraid you were in a quite bad situation when you were brought to us." He chuckled. "If I didn't know any better, I would guess you had been in a fight with a bear."


The woman looked over you, her eyes honing in on your hands. "Doctor Macmillan?" She motioned with her head towards your hands.


"Oh, thank you Miss Queen," Macmillan responded, before moving closer and holding his hand out towards you. "I know it isn't particularly great to have a needle in you, but I'm afraid it is necessary, Miss. You were quite dehydrated and you needed the nutrients. May I please replace the needle for you?"


He smiled at you again. It was such a friendly smile.

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