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While it was clear that something out of the ordinary was definitely going on, Luke was still too enraptured by the spectacle unfolding in front of his eyes to really focus on what exactly it was that felt so wrong.


Plus even in all of that confusion it still seemed like Leon was actually getting some success with Holly. Yeah way to go ‘bro. 


A woman scream however did manage to bring him away from the party mood. “Monster? Where?” He moved in between her and the man she had been clawing at, unable however to see the actual source of the threat.

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"I guess that shut you up for a moment." Ghost emerged out from the floor, floating up in front of Purple Haze.


He didn't look like anyone Casper had been up against before. Somebody new, then. Alright, that was fine, that was normal. Happened way too damn often. 


"I'm sure you got some big plans and everything, but not tonight." 


Ghost reached out and touched Purple Haze's shoulder, sending another shock through Purple Haze's body.

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Purple Haze groaned in pain at Ghost's touch, his entire body shaking as he finally broke through the sensation that had paralyzed his body for a moment, only to be thrown back into the turn tables as Ghost touched him.


Staggering, he shook his head and climbed to his feet, shaking his head. He could only call out two words, barely audible over the still playing music. "Holly. Help."

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“Help you?” Leon glanced back at girl he was pulling along as he continued to try maneuvering the two of them through the crowd. “Of course I wanna help you.” He said in a tone that sounded almost disappointed that she even had to ask.

Something in the back of his mind registered something was still wrong. In fact thing we’re even more wrong. It was small things, her hair was a little more shorter. The shape of her eyes were a little different. She was a little taller now...

Leon shook his head again and ran his hand over his face. “I just gotta get you somewhere safe.” He said as he turned and shouldered someone aside, reaching into his open jacket and pulling out a handful of small, index-sized pieces of paper. The paper seeming to waver slightly with a life of their own.

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