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Ice For That Burn? (IC)

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Raina poked carefully through the items, avoiding the ones that stank of evil magic. That turned out to be most of them, but she did find a battered old wallet with a twinge of neutral magic on it that seemed worth a look. "Huh, guy put a spell on his wallet." It didn't have much in it, a decent fake ID and a fifty dollar bill. She tugged the bill out to see if it was real, only for the wallet to give a little magic twinge and another bill to appear in it. "Huh."


She handed the first bill to Merlin, then pulled out another, and another, and another, and another. After the fifth bill, the wallet stayed empty. When Raina looked at Merlin, the money had all disappeared. He gave her a bland look. Raina rolled her eyes, and did the same thing with the IDs, though she shoved those into her own pocket. Five fake IDs for middle-aged German men, then the wallet was empty. Still felt magic, though. Could be worth a look later. 


"Most of this stuff is serious bad news and needs to be destroyed," she told Frost. "The Freedom League has somebody on call for stuff like that, right? I don't want to be here all night drawing purification circles." 

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"Yeah," said Frost seriously as he sat down an open box full of gold bars stamped with swastikas and pentagrams in a creepy checkerboard pattern, "is me. Well that or Tiamat," he admitted, "but cannot tell her about this now, she will be wrathful of missed opportunity." He put his hands on his lap and looked at Raina. "Do not worry, is not first time I have had to do this. Sometimes in infernal realms, sometimes I just disintegrate, sometimes I just send to maw of Lady Hel in Nifleheim, is all fine." He seemed to sober a little, and had the air of a stage performer who had moved backstage. "So, that was less than an hour, but I think definitely meets early completion requirements...just a moment, trying to remember standard South African rates..." 

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Raina took a pair of heavy gloves from the concealed pocket in her cape and donned them before helping to stack some of the nastier magic items. Even through thick leather, she could feel the badness slime against her aura. Tonight would definitely be a night for a nice cleansing bath with salt and herbs. "Even babysitting is a one-hour minimum," she agreed cheerfully. "And I'll need to replace the gloves too, they're going to be ruined." It didn't look as though the gloves had a spot on them, but she figured a guy like Frost would know better if he was used to purging evil magic. 

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"Okay," said Frost, taking out a checkbook from Hell knew where. "Here you go, I think this is standard rate, plus completion bonus, plus little tip for Talya's young friend." He winked, then carefully handed Raina a check for a thousand American dollars for 'fire-fighting'. "See it will not violate your secret identity," he added with a smile, pointing at a conspiciously blank spot for her name. "Frost thinks of everything." He hesitated a moment, then reached into his wallet, fumbling around for a business card he handed her. "If you ever want something more exciting than babysitting, call that number. Is real paying work, not just League stuff." 

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Raina raised her eyebrows a bit at the total but passed both the check and the business card to her simian business manager, who tucked them into the pocket of his phone case. "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind," she told him. Sure, her ears were still ringing a little, but that probably wouldn't last too long, and it was nice to get paid to take down a bad guy for a change. And to actually manage to take down the bad guy, for a change. Plus, she figured, if she was taking jobs from a guy on the Freedom League, nobody could say it was shady, and if it was shady, then why did they have him on the Freedom League? The logic seemed impeccable, though she probably wasn't going to run that syllogism past Merlin. "We all done here, then?" 

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