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Defense - DDawg - PL10

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Players Name: DDawg

Power Level: PL 10

Trade-Offs: None

Unspent PP: 0

Characters Name: Defense

Alternate Identity: Jasmine Spencer

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 92 lbs.

Hair: Long straight brown hair

Eyes: green

Description: African American/Native American teenager with long brown hair. Very slim and petite body type. Very athletic. 14 yrs old.

History: Jasmine is an orphan. She was adopted but her father mysteriously disappeared and her mother lost custody due to the stress and financial burden of losing her husband. Jasmine was going to be sent to an orphanage, but instead of putting anyone through the trouble she ran away and ended up in freedom city.

Personality & Motivation: Jasmine is quite shy and reserved and but very polite. She seeks the approval of others that she never really had a chance to receive due to her bad luck in the past.

Complications: Jasmine suffers from Decidophobia because of her zealous desire to please others. This is something she suffers from frequently.

Stats: -7pp

Str: 8 (-1)

Dex: 12 (+1)

Con: 8 (-1)

Int: 9 (-1)

Wis: 8 (-1)

Cha: 8 (-1)

Combat: 14pp

Attack: +2

Grapple: +0

Defense: +5 (+0 flat-footed)

Knockback: -0

Initiative: +1

Saves: 6pp

Toughness: -1 (-1 Con, +0 other)

Fortitude: +0 (-1 Con, +0)

Reflex: +5 (+1 Dex, +0)

Will: +0 (+0 Wis, +0)

Skills: 4pp

Acrobatics 8

Escape Artist 8

Feats: 25pp

Ambidexterity, Assessment, Attractive 2, Beginner's Luck, Defense Roll 2, Diehard, Dodge Focus 3, Evasion 2, Fascinate 2, Improved Defense 2, Improved Initiative, Interpose, Luck, Seize Initiative, Sneak Attack 2, Teamwork 2

Powers: 113pp

Adaptation 4 (Adjust; Extra: Reaction) [40]

Alternate Form 7 (Intangible (Ghost: Concealment 2, Flight 3, Immunity 5, Insubstantial 4) [35]

Duplication 6 (Export; Extra: Survival; PFs: Mental Link) [19]

Mimic 10 (Power Pick Up; Extras:Perception; Flaws: Tainted, Unreliable) [10]

Mind Shield 5 (Mental Block) [5]

Nullify 3 (Personal Shield; Extra: Power Resistance) [4]

Drawbacks: 5pp

Power Loss - effects of Phobia, lack of training, or overly stressed situations.

DC Block:

Not sure what to do with this...since all of her powers are defensive by nature, this would probably be based on what she mimics and the ratings of the target characters powers.

Costs: Abilities (-7) + Combat (14) + Saves (6) + Skills (4) + Feats (25) + Powers (113) - Drawbacks (5) = 150

P.S. This is my first time ever creating a character.

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Welcome to FC PbP! If you've not already done so, please introduce yourself in the "Secret Identities" thread (link in my .sig).

Her background and such are incredibly sparse. Could you flesh them out some? Why'd she run to FC, and not some other city? What is she doing in FC? Where in FC does she live? What does she want to do with her life?

Also, I'm not sure her "Decidophobia" is going to work here: we want the PCs here to have fairly clear goal and motives. As she is now, she's neither a hero nor a villain; she's a near-faceless background character.

Her powers... well, they're all over the place. What can she do and why? What is her 'theme'?

(They're also incomplete: you didn't list what she mimics. Any power, one at a time? All powers simultaneously? Plus, I'm very leery of approving someone with two Variable Powers, as well as Duplication.)

Her other stats are fairly scattered, too. Why does she have the skills and feats she has?

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Thanks for the feedback and questions.

In regards to her character bio...

Defense has gone through a world of hurt and her powers is an extension of that hurt. She was an orphan losing both of her parents at the age of five. She lived in an orphanage for 4 years and was adopted at the age of 9. She was privately happy during this time of her life, but concealed this from her foster parents out of her own respect for her real parents. On the day of her 14th birthday, she finally decided that it was okay to express this love to her foster parents. However, her father never returned from his business trip. A week later it was made known that his private jet had somehow mysteriously disappeared. After a month of hoping, her mother had a nervous breakdown and reached a point of no return mentally. Due to her mental collapse, her mother lost parental rights and Defense was to be sent to a foster home. However, after so much devastation, Defense decided in a very painstaking manner to remove herself from the picture. She decided the best way to do this was to get lost. She hitched a ride on a train and decided she would ride until she either got caught or the train reached the end of its line. There were many close calls, but it seemed like although the workers were looking at her, they couldn't see her. When she finally got caught, one of the crew members believed there was a ghost in the train and when they checked things out they found her, they threw her off in Freedom City. She crept around for a while and witnessed many of the heroic acts that took place in this city. It was during one of these witnessing acts that she became aware of her powers. She was enthralled by a battle between a hero and a villain whenever the building she was standing in front of was hit by a errant beam. As she looked at the debris that was about to fall upon her, she said what she thought was her last prayer and waited for the impact. Well the impact never came. She was stunned when she saw that she had phased through the debris. She realized that she also possessed special powers. She then felt like she would have a place to belong and vowed to help any hero in Freedom City as best as she could, even if it was from the sidelines. Currently, she still doesn't have an official residence but often resides in buildings that might be abandoned due to battles.

As far as Decidophobia goes...she is very clear on what her goal is which is basically to fit in and gain acceptance from others. She feels she can best do this by being a hero/helping other heroes due to the accolades and friendship that she has witnessed amongst the other heroes. The problem is, she doesn't want to displease others for fear of rejection, which reminds her of the loneliness in her past. Therefore, she is very hesitant and quite bothered by making decisions that heroes often have to make which tend to make the present situation she is dealing with worse. This also explains the more defensive nature of her powers. Many of her powers are used in reaction to something else...having a true offensive power would cause her to take action which involves more choice.

Her powers are all over the place for a reason. The theme is that her body defensively reacts to her present situation giving her the powers that she needs to deal with whatever situation she is facing. Most of her powers are passive in nature much like her character. She pretty much lacks an offensive power except when she mimics the powers of others. But even when she does this, the effectiveness is unpredictable, and if she mimics an offensive power, she is often very reluctant to use it due to her Decidophobia. She just really doesn't like being in the drivers seat. When she uses her mimic power, she copies any power one at a time. (I am not sure what you mean by variable powers) but her duplication again is apart of her defensive set. Where she often duplicates if in grave danger. Her skills are related to her defensive nature and the fact that the only asset she really has is her dexterity. Most of her skills are also related to this defensive nature.

Essentially when I created Defense I wanted to create a character whose powers unlike most heroes are an extension of her lack of confidence in paving her own way. Her powers protect her, but she doesn't take control of them really. She is not like most heroes who will stare evil in the face. Her powers are mostly defensive and reactive in nature (even the ones she has to activate, she only does so for defensive purposes) and the one offensive power she has (mimicry) she doesn't trust herself enough to use it to its full potential. By being with other heroes in Freedom City, she hopes to find her place and gain more confidence and expertise in her abilities. I hope I am clear on what my goals are. If not, please ask more questions and I will try to address them.

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Variable Power = powers like Adaptation, Mimic, Nemesis, Shapeshift. Powers that gie you a 'pool' of points you can shift around under various conditions.

Also, your Duplication can't work as it is now: to have the Survival extra, your Duplication rank must equal your Power Level.

Also, what 5 immunities does her Ghostly form grant? And what "reasonably common" effect can still affect her when incorporeal?

All of what you've said still doesn't justify all those powers. Why would she need Adaptation if she can become a flying invisible ghost? How is Sneak Attack a defensive feat choice?

From what all you've said, it really seems that the only power that's justified is her Ghostly Form power (the ultimate non-offense power).

And I really don't think her personality's going to work here. This site is run in large part on player-generated content, by character-initiated things, but from what you've described, your character can't/won't initiate anything, she's purely reactive. Which would be an unfair drain on everyone else.

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Okay I understand what you are saying now. Thanks. Umm while I could make adjustment to her powers, if it seems that her character won't work (a conflicted teen who learns how to become more confident) in this game. I will make another one. I had another idea but I wanted to try this one out first. Umm...before I do, is there anything here against kid characters (this is my third idea in case the second one doesn't work? Would you prefer characters to be teenagers or older?

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If it's a kid who can look & act like an adult at least some of the time (like DC's Captain Marvel), or an immortal who just has the body of a kid (but had decades or centuries of experience & maturity), I personally would have no problem with that.

If it's just "average immature 5th grader kid who has flashy superpowers," I'd be a lot more leery of that. (While I like PS 238, that's not what we're running here, and it'd be kinda hard to do even a 'crossover' character.)

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