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Shark Week: Baby Shark

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Ghost looked down at the trident. Then back up to Kermit.


She wanted him to grab the trident. And not bleed on it.


"Yeah, sure. Blood stains the suit anyway..." Just who were these people?


Ghost reached out for the trident, gently taking hold around it and...




He could hear everything. Like, it was the entire universe, snging to him, beating in his chest. Whispering voices reached to him, calling to him, wanting to tell him things and...


Sea Devil brought him out of it. Casper shook it off. 


"Yeah." Focus his powers, then. Focus into the trident, move them all away with him. "Yeah, I got it. Put my power into the overgrown magic fork. Got it. Not my first rodeo." It was only overwhelming at first. He could do this, just push the voices away.

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