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El, with surprising stealth for someone of her bulk (and wearing heavy armor, as well), sneaked around the museum with grace. I very much hope that Shields is behind this, and that all our suspicious are true. Things are much easier when they are less complicated. She gripped her grav-hammer tightly, as she looked around for the gem. An idiom came to mind: when you're holding a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. I suppose that is my role on the team, then. A hammer. She smiled, somewhat comforted by that. Problems appeared before her, and she smacked them. Simple!


"Charlie, do you see anything? Can't find this gem anywhere."

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Do you have any gizmos to deal with the security?” Luke had asked Chaz and Olivia, before they decided to infiltrate the Museum. After all, it was not exactly his first time breaking in somewhere (although perhaps it was the first he had done so with a ‘noble intent’) and for sure given the presence of the gem and other expensive artifacts the Museum was going to have some in place right? "Dunno turn off the alarms or the cameras?"




As light on his feet as he could Luke navigated the museum hall with his friends. Now if he wasn’t accustomed to sneaking around at night already he would have perhaps found the place a bit creepy all things considered, but whatever right? After all he was a freaking dragon (and he could see in the dark with ease). That said, he could not conceal the fact that he was feeling a bit on edge. What was he going to say when they inevitably happened to but heads with Sebastian and his friends? (More importantly what was he going to say to Muirne?) Plus there was always the chance that this was a trap. What if Sebastian had figured out that he was following them? Quite possible… They would be the ones found sneaking around at night at the museum…Yeah…


At least finding the room with the gem wasn’t hard, it was by far the most precious thing in the building and that was enough for his dragon sense to track its ‘scent’.

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Arrow deftly moved into the museum without a hitch as expected, heading towards the Ancient Greece exhibit. Shockingly, the other managed to avoid tripping an alarm. Olivia was the verge of kind-of-maybe giving them compliment for that when Luke asked his question. 


The archer had virtual smorgasbord of gadgets in her utility belt but nothing near powerful enough like an EMT that could knockout all the surveillance equipment in a museum as well-protected and monitored Hunter's. Usually, in her experience with Bowman it was always better to just not be caught on camera or trip an alarm at all. Easy enough for her and her mentor but given who she was currently working with...


With a huff she looked towards the admittedly more technological-savvy Nevermore for a solution. "Some of us aren't going keep getting lucky and avoid all the cameras and alarms in here," she said matter-of-factly, somehow finding the will not to point fingers at that moment. "Which means we probably have two options. Either we head to security room and try to shut things down manually. Or we use some kind of limited range EMT to shut it all down for us. Got an alternatives?"

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Nevermore II


"Codenames," Charlie reminded El. Honestly, it was starting to become a running joke that he would be the one to remind the rest of the group about remembering to not use their real names in the field by now. He appreciated the rest of the group didn't have a mentor like Alek to hammer the importance into them, but... well, at least it wasn't Luke this time. 


He motioned with his head towards the gem to make sure El spotted it too, before responding to Luke and O's questions. "Security room's probably our best, but honestly? We've avoided them this far, and turning off the alarm is just gonna make it easier for Cas' crew and the bad guys they're hoping to stop, so, I'd vote against it." 


Standing up straight, he fired a line towards the ceiling. "How about we make ourselves scarce? Find somewhere to hide, then we'll wait for the bad guys and New Young Freedom to arrive, then ambush?" He didn't really wait, instead letting the line reel him in and sending towards the rafters above, where he quickly disappeared into the shadow.

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With the group hidden, all they could do was wait. It might come easier to some than others, but at least they didn't have to wait long. 


Twenty minutes later, New Young Freedom arrived. Casanova led the group into the room, of course. Stinger trailed a bit behind, talking to Chump about disabling the security to make sure no one would steal their thunder. Chump, for his part, didn't seem to like the idea too much, but he followed along anyway. Bluebird was floating along without touching the floor, and Toxin just looked bored at the entire thing. They were all in costume, obviously expecting trouble.


Stinger still wore the same rather revealing cowgirl outfit the last time they had seen them, with her whip by her side and a black domino mask over her eyes. Chump was in a light blue one piece body suit with a large black V shape stretching from his shoulders and to the middle of his chest, with a police badge attached on the left, above his heart. He wore black gloves and boots now, but no mask. Toxin was in her usual radioactive proof white environment suit. Bluebird was in a light blue costume with a hood pulled up, and Casanova was in a darker blue suit with white stripes near his shoulders and wrists. He had added a hood to the suit, dark blue on the outside, white on the inside, and wore a see-through plastic mask over his face to protect it (and maybe his still broken nose). It shouldn't be this hurt still, but maybe he just wanted to prevent another broken nose?


They didn't seem to notice the other group of heroes so far.


"Everyone, spread out. If Stinger's intel's right, they're gonna be here any second. Remember, they gotta get to the gem first and then we take 'em down. I've alerted some news stations, so make sure you get the fight out in the street!" He paused and looked behind the crew. "Shadowborne, get up here! We can't spend all day waiting for you to catch up!"

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Muirne jogged to catch up with the others, her armour, shield and spear at the ready. She was partially transformed, her silhouette broken up by writhing shadows while her eyes glowed acid green. Her spearhead was pitch dark, sucking the light into it. “Sorry Casanova, I thought I saw something but it must've been my imagination." She was so glad that Sebastian was bringing her along, she didn't know what this gemstone did but with her experiences she would rather have to be near it than for someone to take it for their own nefarious ends.


Þú scolde forscamian oþ fiell swá eaþe. Muirne was brought up short for a moment by the venom in Aoife's voice, but pushed past and kept moving. She didn't know why Aoife was so vehemently against Sebastian, but just like Luke and Charlie she would see that he really was a great person.


1 You should be ashamed to fall so easily.

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Luke chuckled as quietly as possible at his friend's remark about using codenames. He didn’t like the idea of having the security running, though, after all, they had broken into the museum before Cas and his friends so yeah… Not exactly great if anyone found out. Whatever though, so far it looked like they have eluded the cameras. Plus, sure Nevermore might have been the most experienced hero among them, but Luke did have some experience about breaking and entering and well, there was always some risk of getting caught..


Well, not exactly ambush ok? Let’s find out what they are up to first, ok?” He objected. Yeah, after all his girl was with them and there was always the chance that things could turn out fine.




Things were not going to turn up fine. The young was seething in anger as he witnessed the New Young Freedom joining the scene from his hiding place. Yeah, transparent mask or not, Cas was gonna get a generous dose of punching if he was messing with Muirne and that was a fact.


What about Muirne herself though? She seemed… well a bit too eager to please that buffoon wasn’t she? Now, he could see her wanting to join a superhero group, nothing wrong with that, but let that windbag boss her around, not so much. There was definitely something fishy.


Plus he really didn’t like the tone that Sebastian had used with her. Not one bit. In fact, he was quite tempted to dash out of his hiding place and teach Cas a thing or two about how to address a girl and that definitely showed in his body language, muscles tense and fists clenched...

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