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Init: 14

Notice: 12, oh no, I've gone blind


The Born Loser Init: 14

Usher Goons Init: 9


So, the main objective here is not to defeat all the enemies, but to get away with the would-be Whistleblower. 

It will take 5 rounds to get out of there, if we manage to spend at least 1 move action on the same turn to move away.

Getting involved in combat and not moving will slow that down.

Whisteblower will move with either Nevermore or Raven, depending on current position. Right now, she's with Nevermore.


Before we begin: Give me a Knowledge [Streetwise] check to see if you recognize the leader of the group.


14 - The Born Loser - Unharmed

14 - Nevermore II - 5HP - Unharmed - Distance Covered: 0/5

9 - Usher Goons - x20? Standing

6 - Raven III - 3HP - Unharmed - Distance Covered: 0/5

X - Whisteblower - Unharmed, with Nevermore - Distance Covered: 0/5

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