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Traffic Jam


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Traffic, it's a fact of life in a modern society. More so in the big cities, though Freedom does benefit from the fact that it suffers noticeably less congestion even during rush hours. Still, the occasional lengthy (either in distance or duration) cue is to be expected, as are the occasional unfortunate accident. Intersections see both, though today might be breaking some kind of record...

At the intersection of Indiana and Yeats a massive pileup has formed, dozens of cars suddenly slamming into each other, quite a few doing so by reversing into the rapidly growing block of tangled metal. Horribly enough many drivers seem blind to the chaotic jumble and slam into it, only after a full minute has passed do cars start to successfully brake before hitting the now huge tangle of tortured metal.

Thankfully Freedom is most well equipped to deal with such sudden occurrences both formally and informally. Granted, the informal elements tend to be a bit haphazard in their response, but certainly quick and dedicated enough to make a difference. There's a reason they're called heroes after all.

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John Fraser ran out of the building, running into the alleyway. I have to help these people out... He quickly changed into his Arrowhawk costume, grabbing his bow and quiver from inside his motorbike. Screeching out of it, he raced towards the crash, cape streaming behind him.

Oh god... that's bigger than it looked like on the news. He stood stunned for a moment, before dismounting and running towards the wreckage. "Anyone? Call out if you need help!" he shouted as he peered through wrecked glass. "I'm here to help!"

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Tarantula swung from almost nowhere, landing on a nearby billboard. Her eyes blinked at the smoke and the smell of crunched metal. It was nauseating to say the least. Forget that she was late for her pickup, these people need her. Yesterday.

So many cars... could _anything_ survive in there?

First thing first. Tarantula looked for a choke point, a place where the distance between to anchored objects on both sides of the street was shortest, then she leapt in the air and point both hands, palms outwards. She never did anything this big before...

Using webbing (Create object) To make a giant web, hoping to catch or prevent further cars from slamming into the growing pile up.
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Darian was running low on simple electronic supplies. He was also short on funds to buy said supplies. He looked up some cheap stores around the area and found a few in the Southside of town. He had places to go, but no where to get there. His parents were busy elsewhere. The only way he could get there is through city transit. Namely, the bus. Gathering up some change he grudgingly walked to the nearest bus stop. There was no one there. The ride was uneventful. Apparently he was the only person who needed transit at the time. He was content playing Tetris on his portable game system. It all changed when he reached the Southside. The bus slams on it's brakes, hard. And there it stands, a mountain of mangled metal. Darian quickly exites the bus to assess the situation closer. When he gets there he sees a man in a costume yelling that he can help. As soon as he walks over to the man to see what's going on, giant webs seem to quarantine the area of the crash. At a loss for words he tries to speak to the costumed man, "Hello! Sir! May I help you?!"

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Time seems slow as Darian surveys the carnage again. What a mess this is, how am I to help, he thinks. He remembers elemental reactor gloves that he had been working on. Quickly rummaging through his messenger bag, he finds the prototypes. The gloves look like gauntlets made of clockwork and very few wires. Now if I can find some air elementals to code into them, he pauses in mid-thought to look at what he is up against, I hope this does not take too long. Pulling out a laptop he hooks the wires from the gloves into the portable computer and begins to type.

Exactly two minutes later Darian presses his last button. A smile crosses his face as the gauntlets light up an electric blue. He quickly unhooks them from the laptop and dons the gear-laden contraptions as simple as spandex. His elation turns to seriousness as he turns back to the situation at hand.

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OOC: I post this under the assumption that the webbing was successfully made. Whether it is or not will not effect this post, however.

She landed on the ground, her mind throbbing lightly at the ammount of webbing she had just produced. Looking behind her, she saw two others, both seemingly as concerned as she was. But she really didn't have time for formal introductions. She ran up towards the wreckage, and pointed two fingers at it, shooting another strand of green mental at the car. This was a small stream, similar to the strands she use to swing with. She then began to try and pull a car away from the wreckage, being watchful of any civilian who may pop a head or limb out to attract attention. It was quite a sight, watching a person her size pulling/tearing out (1d20+10=27)a car from the pile.

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