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Return to Neverworld: Best Intentions

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Some time between the story of then and now...

Heading to Victori...


Eira had left her companions behind


Her angelic form soaring across the skies of Neverworld, she had a first row seat to the destruction that the Hooked Man and his Sky-Pirates had caused across the world. Beneath her she saw ruined cities, displaced familes doing their best to survive in what had once been their homes. 


She saw slain beasts, passing by a capsized turtle the size of an island between New Avalon and Victori. 


And soon... she saw Victori, and Tham, the great factory city. The factories were still alive. Still producing the endless soldiers needed.


Perhaps she would find the Mad Doctor that the Great Detectives had mentioned, or perhaps she would make do on her own.


How long had the journey taken? It was difficult to tell. Time was, after all, strange in Neverworld.

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At the sight of the local center of industrial development, Eira accelerated her flight considerably, the high levels of steel and iron in the local construction allowing her to reach high subsonic speeds. She made her entrance in dramatic fashion, a three-point landing hard enough to crack the ground in front of the royal palace, spreading her silvery wings high. She looked back with silvery-white eyes the direction she'd come for a barely perceptible moment, then raised her ungloved hand, showing the silvery jointed fingers within, and called loudly enough for everyone to hear. 


"CITIZENS OF THAM! I HAVE COME TO AID YOU IN YOUR HOUR OF NEED! I AM EIRA KATASTROFF NATT OCH DAG - AND I WILL GIVE YOU SCIENCE!" She looked around and nodded, then walked straight up the steps of the elaborate vaguely neo-Classical building, nodding in cool satisfaction at the reaction of those around her. If this didn't get her royal patronage, hardly anything would. 


This will be a success! she thought fiercely, clenching her bare fist before blinking. Wait - what is - my thoughts are - she didn't quite have a word for it, and the moment was enough to unsettle her enough to keep her from storming straight through the front doors. 

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To Eira's disappointment, steps before the castle were all but empty, manned only be automatons. Vaguely human looking machines, they were dressed in red shirts and blue trousers, with black bearskin caps on top of their heads. They were all armed with rifles incredibly more sophisticated than Eira would at first. The rifles were long, dark metal, with faint yellow power lines running through them.


As she touched down, the automatons, the metal men of Victori, were at first slow to react, but then they raised their rifles.


A voice called out from a large speaker placed above the steps to the palace.


"Go away. We have all the science we need, thank you very much miss Eira Katastroff Natt Och Dag."

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What Eira wanted to do was start crushing these primitive constructs with her bare hands, feel the oil drip between her fingers, but that wouldn't actually get her anywhere. So instead she said to the speaker: 


"I understand that as an outsider, you have no reason to trust me." She suddenly wished very much for Pan, or Micah, or for that matter Kimber or Miss Americana, any number of her mentors who could have solved this problem with a few well-chosen words. "I will offer a demonstration. Not of my puissance," she added, raising her ungloved hand, "but of my genius. If you allow me the use of one of your automatons, I will transform its capabilities five-fold with only what I carry on my person." 

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There was an almost audible pause from the speaker. Eira had the distinct impression that whoever had talked to her were discussing what to do in an almost frantic and panicked manner.


"Five-fold, you say?" It was another voice. Horribly distorted as it might be, it sounded older, more learned.


There was a noise of some physical alteration from the speaker. "One automaton." The first voice returned. 


One of the armed automatons slowly approached Eira. It was a thing of clockwork and lightning. Crude at first look, but far more intricate and elegant once she looked past its exterior. The way its gears moved, the way lightning danced around them... It was science, that was for sure, but not anything that would work from the science of Eira's world.

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