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Mail Call


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"Little young to be delivering packages and mail, aren't you?"

Yukiko frowned at the mini interrogation as she followed who she assumed was one of the teachers, or janitors, or someone important. "I just deliver what they give me. You don't trust me, you have my contact number."

"Right..." He lead her to an office looking room, where her put the envelope and the package onto a desk, before checking some sort of book. "Okay, I see Eichi Haimura... but not a Ms. Hugenkis."

Yukiko shrugged. "Look, my day is almost over. Once this package is delivered I can go home."

"Alright, slow down, kid. We all had a long day." He walked over to a machine. Must be an inter com or something. "Will Echi Haimura and Amanda Hugenkis report to the front desk. I repeat, Echi Haimura and Amanda Hugenkis..."

Oh my god, Yukiko didn't get it till just now. Oh crud... it was up to her to weed out bad mail if it slip past the check point. "Uhm, sir I think..."

"Now now, they'll be down in a second."

Great, just her luck.

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Ah, where was it again... For a large wolf-like humanoid alien with mind-reading powers, he sure does seem to get lost easily. It must be the looks that put some people off helping him out of his futile wandering. Either that, or it's hard to tell if he's actually lost, given there's no others to compare facial expressions against. But still, Nalerenn wanders, looking around for some Samaritan that will lend a hand.

It isn't long before his wanderings lead him to the front desk, just as the call is put out for two people he never met before. He sort of stares at the intercom, intrigued by it, before he looks to the others. He opens his mouth to speak, but stops, looking pretty shy, before the strange green tattoo near his eye glows for a split second. Looks like he re-thought that one, too. It probably isn't a good human custom to mind-read people before you speak to them. With a deep breath, he steps forward, speaking to the two assembled here, although what's heard doesn't seem to be what he actually says. After all, how can a muzzle like that speak perfect English?

"I apologize if I intrude on anything important, but I seem to be lost. If it is not an encumbrance, may I ask for directions to the dwellings here? I am unfamiliar with the Human cartography..."

He lifts what looks like a guide book for the local zoo, not Claremont Academy. No wonder he got lost.

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Darian thought being an assistant would be more intellectually stimulating. Maybe it is just a slow start, he ponders, either way this day is dragging on. He was now tasked to deliver some papers to the front desk. He flips through the folder to find that it is orders for parts. I am sure they could have done this by e-mail, Darian thought. Walking into the office he finds a giant bipedal wolf holding a zoo directory. This is more strange than it needs to be, he thinks. Darian has met and worked with three types of alien and paranormal species in his short lifetime, but meeting another species is still met with curiousity. He walks over to the front desk, standing in line after the creature.

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Gordy strolled in to the main desk mail room area, whistling the well known "Bye, Bye Birdie" song "Put on a Happy Face" The Super-powered teen goes over to check his mail cubby, and pulls out a single envelope. A cursory glance by an observer would lead them to believe that the envelope is made out of stickers. "From my sister," Gordy announces, not that anyone asked. He walks over and collapses himself into a chair to read the letter, snickering occasionally.

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Darian looks over to the mail cubbies, he had not noticed them before. He wonders if there's one for him. I will check after dropping these papers off, he thinks to himself. He also notices the someone he has seen before, one of the students from the orientation. The one that wasn't suppsed to be there, well, besides himself. He tries to remember what the appropriate greeting for is in this situation. The only thing he can think of is how he saw two students greet each other earlier, with an upward nod. He tries to do so, but it looks horribly forced. "How are you on this fine day," he pauses as if to remember something, "Gordy, is it?"

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Yuki was quite silent throughout her time standing here. What was once a quiet, silent wait at the front desk, turned into a social.

"Hi... I'm... um... Yuki?"

She didn't sound to sure of that, peeking away sheepishly. "How long does it take to pickup mail?"

The adult heard her mumble. "You're right."

He bent towards the intercom before she could stop him. "Ecchi Haimura and Amanda Hugenkis, please report to the front desk..."

He left the switch on as he looked back at the directory. "...why can't I find Amanda Hugenkis?"

It took all of Yuki's strength not to laugh just now...

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Mura frowned as she heard her name being called, yet again. She was trying to relax, walking peacefully, before hearing her name being called yet again, and almost being associated by this incompetence. She tried to contain herself, but found it quite impossible as a little blur of purple came flying about racing down the hall way, weaving in and out of the way as she heard the man make a remark, her ears recognizing the voice as she slammed her hand down on the desk, cracking it a bit as her face turned to the voice, her eyes remaining closed.

"You will not find a Miss Hug And Kiss, because there is nobody by that name in existence. If there was, they have surely changed their name by the time they were my age. Now, I was on the other side of campus, excuse me for not being able to circle the globe in half a second. I am Echi Haimura."

Taking her package angrily she felt for any deep markings before chuckling a bit to herself and calming down, choosing to keep the package unopeneduntil she got to the privacy of her room. "Thank you."

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Darian looks over to the mail cubbies, he had not noticed them before. He wonders if there's one for him. I will check after dropping these papers off, he thinks to himself. He also notices the someone he has seen before, one of the students from the orientation. The one that wasn't suppsed to be there, well, besides himself. He tries to remember what the appropriate greeting for is in this situation. The only thing he can think of is how he saw two students greet each other earlier, with an upward nod. He tries to do so, but it looks horribly forced. "How are you on this fine day," he pauses as if to remember something, "Gordy, is it?"

"That's right. And you're...Darius? No, that wasn't it. Damian? Darian. That was it. We met at the Halloween dance. I'm great, just got a letter from my sister. Mom has been working on a new show, and it turns out that my dad is the same dimensions as the star. She sent a picture, see?" Gordy holds up a picture of a very unhappy looking man with the same blue eyes as Gordy, dressed in a princess dress. "I don't see why he looks so angry, I mean mom's been making me and Lilly since forever. Probably Thomas too, but he claims he never did."

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While this is all happening, the big guy just stands back and watches, occasionally opening his muzzle to speak but re-thinking it. Just how do the humans do it... Wait, is that a human introduction? Ask if you know their name then introduce yourself? No, wait, that one asked about the day... Looks like that could be it. Nalerenn turns to Darian, looking down at him with obvious nervousness.

"It is a good day, yes?"

He does open his mouth to speak, but is distracted by Mura's arrival and subsequent departure. Is that how Humans do it? Strange... Maybe he'll ask about that later. He clears his throat and turns back to Darian.

"I apologize. You Humans are a strange race... I am not sure how to proceed."

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Darian stares at the picture Gordy shows him with a bit of curiousity while nodding, "That is very interesting. It is not everyday that you see a man in a dress." Before Darian can say another word, the large bipedal wolf speaks to him. Looking directly up to the creature, Darian couldn't halp but feel for it. He barely knew how to interact with humans either. Most of his life was spent learning. Sure, he met a few in passing because of this, but never on a social level. He smiles warmly, "If you do not know how to proceed, then you and I are on the same page! Maybe we should begin with greetings?" He points to everyone as he mentions them, "I am Darian, he is Gordy, she is Echi Haimura, she is a mail deliverer, and he is a school guard."

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Mura's hand raised as she held the package in her left hand, the right pointing at Darrian as she tried to remember his voice not placing it too well and frowned. She wasn't trying to be mean or anything, but she just wasn't very used to random people calling out her name, and if they were going to talk about her, they might as well talk to her. Anything else would surely earn them a swift beating by one of Claremont's younger students.

"How do you know me, and what exactly are you talking about?"

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Have I seen this person before, Darian ponders, it is unlikely that I would forget a person of such beauty. He bows respectfully towards her, and speaks in Japanese, "Excuse me, Haimura. I did not mean to insult you, but you introduced yourself when you entered the room and picked up your package. How may I make this up to you?" Lifting up from his bow, he blushes and chuckles nervously.

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Nalerenn looks to each of the people as they're introduced, but Gordy seems to hold his attention quite a bit. Maybe it was the smile?

"Do you mean new to Earth, or new to this institution?" he asks. "I am afraid I do not know the terms you say. This 'geek' is new to me, I am afraid"

Even with these people around, he does look lost. It must be the whole 'alien territory' thing.

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"Well, I was thinking new to the school. Are you new to earth? Cause I've only ever met one alien before. Nice enough guy." Gordy is amused at the wolfman's confusion. "Geek means, like, I'm obsessed with with the theater. I perform a lot, I sing, I dance. You'll have to come to the winter concert."

Gordy idly wonders if lupin would be the correct term for Nalerenn, or if that's just a Hollywood thing.

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Yuki blinked as the area became crowded with others. She had to think of them as others as she just couldn't really classify a wolfman as a person, now could she?

Well, if he was a 'were-wolf' then technically she could...

Anyway, Yuki was just ready to head home and sleep. She wanted to patrol tonight, and it was often a good idea to sleep before doing so since she often had to head straight to school from her often late night to morning patrols. She took a a piece of paper in her bag and flatened it on the desk. "Okay... if I can get your signature..."

Of course, her shy voice was in danger of getting smothered by the other activity around her. Such was Yuki. With the mask on, she was as boisterous and confidant as they come. Mask off, different story.

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Darian wonders if he has made a fool of himself. Trying to not think on it too much, but still keeping the exotic girl in his peripheral view, he looks up to the giant bipedal wolf, "Geek also refers to a derogatory term used for socially inept people of higher intelligence. Think of it as a 'double standard' word. You do not call people geek with good intentions, but people call themselves geek with no such stigma."

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Nalerenn nods, taking it all in as he hangs on every word said.

"I see... You Humans are an interesting species, but I do not understand why you must have terms with more than one meaning. Is it that Humans are not sufficiently advanced to create terms with single meanings?"

If it wasn't for his inquisitive-sounding voice, that could probably be taken as an insult. Still, he really does look although he doesn't know what to examine next.

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Kurt walked into the growingly packed room and headed for his mail cubby. Nothing sentimental ever came but he did occasioanlly get his bank statements from his attorney which detailed his allowance. Still don't understand why they wont just give me my money. Who cares if I'm not 18 yet. He says to Rip through their mental connection. In reponse Rip excitedly fires back Who cares! I just want my chips! Kurt begin reaching for his mail as he sends back What is it with you and chips? Shouldn't you eat food from your own dimension? Just as he almost grabs his mail Rip pops out of his chest half way and grabs the mail hurling it into the air before sucking back into his chest. "Dang it Rip!" he shouts.

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Darian ponders the wolf's inquiry, "I guess the same could be said of any language, human or otherwise. Unless you had an extensive intellect, naming every concept in reality by a different word would be a daunting task. Unfortunately, some people do not have the capacity for such and," Darian's impromptu rant is cut short by a newcomer. Having no idea who Rip is and seeing the mail scattered all over the place, his face turns red and his voice turns apologetically somber when he looks to Kurt, "Excuse me, I did not mean to offend you."

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"What...?" slight confusion fills Kurts voice then "Oh don't worry it wasn't anything you did. This is Rip's fault." I'll get you back eventually you little jerk he sends to Rip through their mental communication. Kurt sighs as he reaches down to collect his mail.

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It seems the newcomer even grabs the ever-curious alien's attention, as he does stop forward, looking around Kurt.

"I see... Forgive my asking, but who is this 'Rip' you speak of? I assume it is a being of some sort"

Now he's pretty much in front of Kurt, but still looking him over, as if trying to spot this 'Rip' character. It seems his curiosity gets the better of him, as his tattoo glows for a moment as Nalerenn's voice echoes inside everyone's mind. Or at least, everyone nearby.

"Do not be alarmed. I am searching for the one named 'Rip'. If you are this person, please reveal yourself. I am curious as to your nature."

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"Oh," Darian pauses and nods to Kurt while the wolfman is positioning himself between the two boys, "I see, or rather, I do not see the person you are talking about. Still, who am I to say what I see or do not see in," Darian's talking is cut short again, this time by the wolfman's comment and susequent invasion of everyone's mind. He clutches the sides of the folder he is holding with both hands, looking around to everyone else a bit worried. "I have no idea who Rip is," he states with a shaky voice.

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Soon, Nalerenn is there, examining the small creature in great detail, pretty much getting distracted from the topic of his mental broadcast. On the upside, his tattoo stopped glowing and the broadcast is no more.

"Curious... I have never seen a creature of this sort before. Rip... a strange name by my standards, but most of this planet you call 'Earth' is strange to me. What is your species, Rip?"

He continues looking at Rip, turning to get a better view from every angle, studying him intently.

"Pay no attention to my mental broadcast. It is but that, a broadcast. For me to understand your mental response, I would have to gain entry to your mind beforehand. While it may be within my ability to do so, I see no benefit from doing so. Although..."

He looks over to Kurt and Darian, a question obviously incoming.

"Is it not a taboo to do so between humans? I have not met a human with abilities such as mine, so I am afraid I do not know."

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