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Two Unrelated Questions


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The first question is whether the Tough feat from Mastermind's Manual would be allowed. It's basically Protection 1, taken as a non-ranked feat.

The second is on Autofire. Arrowhawk has a full-round action autofire attack. However, to attack multiple targets, covering fire or suppressing fire is a full-round action by default, so would this mean that it bumps the actions for these up to an unfeasible 1 minute?

If so, would it be acceptable to change the action flaw to another one such as Distracting under the logic of 'oops, I didn't actually do what I meant for it to do' ?

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My understanding on the first one is that it's not allowed as such around here. Just use Protection with the training descriptor (or the like).

On the second, I'm not certain on whether or not it bumps up the already full-round actions to 1 minute ones, I'll let someone else cover that one.

Regarding the subject of altering the power following such a realisation, I for one would allow it provided the nee flaw still fits thematically.

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