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At that moment, there was a flare of rainbow light behind USArcher that was certainly distracting in the small space, and a wash of electrostatic that briefly blocked any hopes of Ashley calling anyone. Resplendent as a rainbow sun, Daystar sounded distinctly apologetic. "Ah'm sorry, Ashley, Ah couldn't just leave you here without any help, and nobody was answering mah-oh mah gawd!" Judy backed up, her hands raised automatically, but there was only so much distance she could get while inside the Panera Bread meeting room. 


Ashley took a mental note to have another talk with Judy about how she was supposed to stay away when she was working, but for the moment she concentrated on the hostile target in front of her. She was between Luke and USArcher, which meant that arrow was pointed right at her.


Her pepper spray had been replaced, in USArcher's moment of inattention, with her blaster pistol, and it was aimed at him too. As if she was reciting from a script, she said, "If you do not lower your weapon, I will consider you a hostile meta-threat in the presence of a protectee and use authorized force to stop you. This is your final warning." It was Secret Service-speak for a threat to do something that went beyond the things done by metahumans in their conflicts with each other, and her posture and body language told USArcher she was going to do exactly that. 

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"Wha-?" U.S.Archer whirled to the side for a brief moment, staring at the rainbow lightshow that was Judy, before his attention was drawn back to Ashley... who was now holding a blaster.


He stared at Ashley, his face obscured behind his mask. From his body language it was clear that he understood what she was saying and what it meant.


"Look... how about we both put away our weapons and talk? I'm not here for Cahill's kid, the dragon kid or you." He was speaking slowly. He lowered his body, slowly loosening the string, maybe as a show of good faith. "The cyborg is a dangerous fugitive. I am here to make sure that he doesn't hurt any good American citizens. Stand down and let me take him into custody, and we all walk away without trouble."


On the ground, Matt was starting to move, ever so slightly. 

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Luke smirked when he saw that Judy was back in the game and that her presence was enough to distract Mr. Archer guy and let Ashley go for the artillery.


Dunno, I kinda got the impression that we are gonna be the ones asking questions and you lowering the weapon and doing the talkin’.” He grinned, yeah, three on one, he liked this odds. His eyes flashed gold, revealing for a split second the monster beneath.


Now this ‘cyborg’ is named Matt and he is not gonna hurt anyone.” He remarked. “At least not by his own will… I…” He lowered his eyes. “I think that someone is messing with his head.” Maybe this guy could help? Perhaps, but even if that was true he was not gonna let him drag his friend to some black ops government facility or something of the like.


And again, he is not coming with you alone and not before you do some explaining anyway… What’s going on man? For real.

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