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Monkeys on Parade (OOC)


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May is wearing something under her uniform - with a solid 20, Ryder can be pretty sure it's a bulletproof vest. The overalls hide it pretty well.


She looks like she's been treated okay - any dishevelment appears to just be May being May. She doesn't necessarily look better than when they last saw her, but she doesn't look worse. Better-rested, maybe.


A notice check doesn't give him much beyond the obvious, security-wise - the weird sound bubble does appear to be strictly sound; it didn't seem to interfere with his bugs in any special way, at least. He already knows there are armed guards here and there, and an expected number of security cameras, etc. If he's looking for anything technologically interesting, I'd take a Knowledge: Technology or Craft: Mechanical/Electronic.

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Well, the mechanical doesn't do him much narrative good - he probably has some insight into some of the things he's seen today, but not a lot that's more than a passing curiosity. May's weird mech thing looks like a kind of unbalanced design in a way that should be obvious to its creator?


The electronics and technology checks tell him that a lot of what he's seen today is unfinished (or, in some cases, incompletely-refurbished; some of it looks less 'incomplete' than 'incompletely repaired'), so it's not going to be fully operational. Some of it probably doesn't work at all (not coincidentally, the ones with no apparent demonstrations available). The rest don't appear to have any security measures in place stronger than "taze/shoot madman who uses technology bad". The guards do appear to be packing less-lethal zappy-type guns, though.


A couple 35s, let's reward those:

  • Nothing here would occur to him as particularly hostile to his own technology, outside of, you know, the ones that are obviously weapons and are hostile to everybody by virtue of being weapons.
  • Those missiles are disarmed. They've made a decent effort at hiding the fact that they have no payload.
  • Most of the stuff that looks semi-functional is either missing a power source, or has been hooked up to something very inadequate to its needs.
  • If he watches superhero news, he might recognize a fair number of the projects out here as being, or being based on, things actually deployed by lower-rent super-science villain types in the past.
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  • 2 weeks later...

With that dex bonus, they'll be...not moved, per se, but willing to let Chitin stand aside, and they won't all jump him at once right at the start of combat.



Nocturne: 12

Monkey Brother 1: 14

Monkey Brother 2: 13

Monkey Gang 1-6: 12, 14, 11, 11, 8, 4


Normally, we'd just break ties by dex bonus - but since that'd still leave us with a tie between Chitin and Monkey Brother 1, I'll do it by init bonus.


Round 1

14: Chitin, 3HP

14: Monkey Brother 1, flanking left

14: Monkey Gang 2, w/ MB1

13: Monkey Brother 2, flanking right

12: Monkey Gang 1, w/MB1

12: Nocturne, 2HP

11: Monkey Gang 3, minion, w/MB1

11: Monkey Gang 4, minion, w/MB2

8: Monkey Gang 5, minion, w/MB2

4: Monkey Gang 6, minion, w/MB2


General notes:

May is unharmed, standing near her robot.

The crowd has thinned, and is panicking.

The security forces are stunned but conscious.


GM post coming, then Chitin's up.

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Today's monkey fact is that monkeys are really strong.


Monkey Brother 1's grapple check: 31


Chitin is Bound.


The good news is that Monkey Brother 2's pretty sure his bro has this; he will spend his turn just continuing toward May and take no real actions otherwise.

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Nocturne's going to stand up from her hiding spot and move far enough forward to see...anything. Force field up!


She was going to try to clear some goons too, but, uh. Priorities.


Nocturne makes a ranged attack roll against Monkey Brother 1: 27! That'd hit even without grapple penalties.

Grapple check: 35


Monkey-Man defends with a grapple check: 21

Monkey Brother 1 is Bound.


There's a weird interaction here with chains of grapplers and the Bound condition, but I'm going to rule on descriptors and base mechanics: Monkey Brother 1's grapple requires sustained physical interaction, which he can't do while bound & helpless. Chitin can free himself from the grapple without contest, as long as Monkey Brother 1's still Bound when Chitin's turn comes back around (which seems...likely).


That's it for Nocturne's round, though.

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