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The landing party went for Singularity, striking with fists and clubs to pin her down, but they weren't even able to strike a solid blow against the fast-moving powerhouse, much less seriously impede her attack. 


As Singularity went into action against the zombies, Sea Devil gave a bellow of outrage that must have been audible a half-mile away. All this work to celebrate an auspicious day and these horrible stupid creatures who made no sense were ruining it, ruining it! As if the oceans didn't have enough Surfacers in its depths, now the dead ones were causing trouble Above - and maybe making Jessie have to spend the night in the closet again, or hiding in the bathtub, and it was awful! 


There was only one thing to do, and that was to help. Sea Devil didn't hesitate as Singularity began tearing the zombies apart, instead leaping into the midst of their ranks and simply impaling one through the body with her trident. She didn't stop there, knowing such things wouldn't die from that - instead she smashed it against the sand, again and again, until it was in pieces. They stank something awful too! 

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As the zombie pointed his gun at the hologram, the fake president stood showing no fear proud and unwavering in his conviction.


Then on this shores you will only find some good and proud American ass-kicking sir.” The President replied, before fading away, as Luke concentration faltered due to the adrenaline surge from the upcoming battle.


The young man dashed on the beach, spectral claws surrounding his fists rending the undead flesh with ease. He grinned, when the first one fell. “And stay down!” He shouted triumphantly as he kicked the head away from the rest of the scattered remains. Good luck getting back to your body mate. With the rest of the momentum he jumped onto another one of the reanimated soldiers tearing through its torso and fully dismembering the creature.


Who is next?” He raised his fist again surveying the battlefield… Heart pounding and still ready for a fight.

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Wraith eyed the last of the zombies and, perhaps more in pity than anything else, calmly swung one sharp forelimb to remove its head from its shoulders. When she was reasonably sure it wasn't still trying to attack anyone - and after gently prodding its body in the chest to make it fall over properly - she brought the metal limb back down. You never knew with these types.


"You said, 'not again'," she observed, craning her face toward the head. Her vorpal'd arm was busy wiping itself against the sand. "I do not fault you for determination, but perhaps it would be best if you rested properly. Other attempts to kidnap presidents will not go better than this."

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The fight had been quick and simple enough that Singularity wasn't even winded, but she came distressingly close to taking a swing at her erstwhile allies when they joined her on the field, especially the yelling kid. She purposefully took two big steps away from everyone else to avoid any accidents, then kept a blank and watchful gaze focused on the ghostly boat from which the zombies had come. Ships tended to have either no zombies or many zombies, with little in between. Their luck was not good enough for the in-between.

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"Hell yeah" Luke shouted triumphantly as he saw the last of the zombie eat the ground. Easy Peasy 


Come on man? Don’t you know that the war is over?” he addressed the zombie head on the ground. “You lost like… “ He scratched his head. When exactly? Whatever it was like at least a hundred years anyway... “Ages ago. America kicked our asses already.” 


Do you think we should burn them or something?” He asked the more veteran heroes. Made sense to him, that said, those guys were like evil… Yet their undead state was kinda sad, maybe there was another way to deal with them?  

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"Yes!" Aquaria croaked, sounding very unhappy at all this unpleasantness, listening to Jessie's movements as much as she was watching the scene about them. "They should not be, so we should make them not!" The seperated zombie parts were not created equal. Those belonging to the 'crew' of the small boat seemed quiescent in their deliquescence, but those belonging to the lieutenant Singularity had beheaded were still visibly twitching. Aquaria impaled one of the former with her trident and twisted, reducing it to a smear of puddling ash against the sand. 


"We have come through obstacles you cannot even imagine, woman," insisted the severed head. "And the German Empire will never yield to you Yankee rabble!" He stared at Wraith blankly for a moment before saying, "wait...du are not ein woman! What-what is this? This is not what - not what the old witch said!"

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"Old witch?" Wraith hummed, cocking her head to the side; her body flowed together, reshaping into something entirely more humanoid, and even very vaguely female - if still a smooth metal surface and a face featureless beyond three great black eyes. Her feet sunk into the sand a bit more than she liked, but it was worth it to confuse the zombie's terrible opinions...even if he was technically correct. The worst kind of correct.


"I am not an expert on the undead. Burning them could work, but could also inflict unnecessary suffering...and I am curious about this witch. You had help to do this? Someone sent you to us, to fail? If they did it once, they could do it again, and simply cause more trouble for us both."

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"You don't have to burn it right away," Singularity agreed, still seeming fairly abstracted. The majority of her attention was definitely still on the ship, and her voice was a soft monotone. "Zombies usually rot a lot faster than normal dead bodies, but as long as they're moving they can hurt you. Don't let the head bite you or you might get sepsis," she cautioned Wraith. Moving a little further from the group, she prodded the landing boat with one foot to make sure nothing in it was still reactive. "Their mouths are dirty."

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Yeah, I mean, I guess they are a like ghosts? Maybe there is like an unsolved business we can fix or somethin.” Luke scratched his head. “Looks like theirs is to kidnap the president though, might not be super-easy to fix…


Hey dead guy. First there is like no more German Empire, sorry about that.” He shrugged. 


And yeah, what’s about that witch?” He joined Wraith in asking. “What did she say to you?” He furrowed his brows. Could the witch still be around? Well, she would have to be quite old for that, but then again… magic… She might as well be.

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