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Bank Job OOC

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OOC for this.




Alright, the bank is barricaded, so the first thing you will probably want to do is to find a way in, or to figure out if you know anything about what's going on. That's where your Skills come in.


Suggestions on what you could do:

- Talk to the cops near the scene, ask what you can do. This most likely won't require any rolls, but if you want to, you can roll Diplomacy.

- Try to find a way inside, you will be rolling with your Search skill for that.

- Anything else you might want.

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He's going to try opening the window. I don't want to try to make an IC post that just amounts to "he tried to open the window", so I figure it would be easier to figure out if the window opens or not and write the post based on that. 

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That's a hit.


TOU: 21

Since he is a minion and failed the Toughness Save, he is knocked out.


Give me an IC post.


And you don't have to wait for me to respond to OOC posts before writing an IC post, go ahead with everything up until actually hitting with a strike or actually succeeding or failing.

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