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Nevermore II


Charlie pulled back from Chump. Alright, this had gone well. Or as well as fighting classmates could go, right? At least they only had to knock three of them out... with him stopping two of those. Yeah, alright. That sounded kind of bad. The big issue was of course proving what they had caught Casanova doing... 


"Look, how about we get out of here before the cops or the Freedom League or someone shows up?" Yeah, like Alek. He wasn't sure how he would react to all this if he found out. "Sorry Chump, but this isn't really a small thing, y'know. Mind controlling people aren't a great way of being a hero... so how about you carry Bluebird and Toxin? Anybody wanna deal with Cas?"

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"Aw, don't be jealous, sidekick. We can play another time if you want," Stinger blew Arrow a kiss. "I know you'd kill for a date with a five."


Chump was more open to talking, at least. He looked disapprovingly at Stinger, while he moved to pick up Bluebird and Toxin. They seemed like they were alright, at least, nothing too badly hurt. "C'mon, Mel, knock it off." He sounded more reasonable, at least. "We were just tryin' to be heroes, y'know. Find some bad guys and stop 'em before they hurt people. Cas said those people were bad, and they seemed like they were goin' for the couple, so how's stopping them a bad thing? Cas didn't control anybody, just read their minds to find out what they were gonna do."


Stinger just rolled her eyes, but didn't respond to Chump. "Don't bother, Chump. They're not going to listen to you anyway."

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"..I'm willing to hear you out if you're willing to hear us out. From what we saw things played out like this. That group of teens was just hanging out while that couple was walking down the way. Then Cas walks up to the teens and they hard stop everything they are doing as he.. y'know what. Here i'll just replay it."

Holding his hand out The gathered heroes, Chump, and Stinger could clearly hear Sebastians voice say "You're looking for trouble, aren't you?" followed by "Look, over there? Go cause some trouble."

Dropping his hand back down to his side Howl spoke up again. "That's why we jumped in. Stopping people who want to hurt others is a good thing for sure. Making people attack others just so you can attack them is bull and you know it."

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Chump was silent for a second. "What? No. That's... that's not what Cas did. He wouldn't do anything like that... right?" He was starting to sound more and more unsure by the moment.


"Enough already. We get it. You won, we lost, we're the bad guys, yadda yadda." Melanie was obviously tired of all this. "Just leave Chump alone and let's go."

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"That's exactly what he did man..." Luke nodded, doing his best to ignore Stinger, now he had no proof of course, but the chances that she wasn't in with the actual plan were pretty slim. Truth was, Cas deserved being roughed up a bit, but he could somewhat understand him, after all, it was not like he himself had been a saint from the moment he discovered his powers.


"Look, I know that you meant good, you want to be a real hero right?" His tone became more sympathetic. "Plus Seb is your friend... You need to help him ok? If he continues this way, things can take a very shitty turn and fast. You should keep him in check a bit ok?" Yeah like there was any chance, much likely Casanova would just lie to him again, or perhaps use one of his mind tricks, he definitely wasn't above mind controlling fellow students after all. 


"Besides, you all fight, kinda ok..." He smirked playfully, this time addressing both of them.  "I am sure you don't freakin need to go around beating some innocent stranger to prove that you can be heroes." Well, at least assuming that the stunt didn't get them expelled or anything... Which might as well happen.



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Arrow didn't even deign to give Stinger the luxury of a wordy response. The glorified cowgirl cosplayer wasn't worth it and Olivia wasn't in the mood to trade barbs with someone who's backside had already been decidedly kicked and thoroughly trounced.  Of course, that didn't mean she  wouldn't send a very rude gesture Stinger's way before turning her attention back to Chump. 


Olivia wasn't exactly convinced that Chump of all people would be a good morality coach for Shields, let alone an effective and consistent one. He was to much of a pushover despite just how physically strong he was and Olivia would have found it all amusingly ironic if not for the fact that she had gotten caught up in the sad little play. She expressed that frustration pretty strongly in the next few words.  


"Well for your sake I hope Summer's agrees with Nightscale over here because even if we deign to ask her to cut you plebs some slack she's still going to be one to decide your fate," she said coolly, not exactly sympathetic to Chump's plight but not gleeful about it either. "Honestly, if you really were so ignorant that you couldn't tell that Shields was ostracizing this whole fiasco than maybe she might just take pity on you all and go a bit easy."


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Headmistress Summers was not amused. With the evidence presented to them, a few of the group spoke up on the behalf of some of the members of New Young Freedom. They all seemed to agree that Casanova was the only one that was really a bad guy. 


The group was told to wait outside while Summers deal with New Young Freedom. Not too long after, the group left. Casanova was holding an icepack against his broken nose, glaring at the group, but otherwise remaining silent as they were ushered out of the room, flanked by a teacher.


Nevermore, Arrow, Shift, Howl and Nightscale were told to enter Summers' office. She was sitting behind the desk, looking as equally unamused with this little group as she had been with New Young Freedom.


"Thank you for bringing this matter to us. We will keep an eye on Shields and his friends and make sure they don't cause any other trouble." There was a but coming. It just hang in the air. "But we do not tolerate students fighting each other. If you had suspicions, you should have brought them to your teachers. We're here to solve these problems. I have no choice but to give you each a week of detention." She sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "You're all dismissed. Get out of here before I change my mind."

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