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Salvo will take a roll of 10 with Skill Mastery.


Notice: 20


Super-Senses 11 (Mental [Magic] Awareness [+3]; Awareness [Enhancement: Accurate (+2), Acute (+1), Analytical (+1), Extended [10,000 ft] (+3), Radius (+1), Ranged (+1)]) {11/11}

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Sea Devil: 



There are formidable passive defenses around the Temple - mighty wards that may need some time breaching. The DC to breach them will be 30 (if you use countering) and Aid Other actions will apply if you want to do it together. 


There are active defenses too - places where a caster could hurl down curses and worse from arcane battlements above your heads. But nobody is there at all. 

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So Ouroboros can muster a +15 on a  counter check using his magic array as the base countering effect.

 roll if it ends up being needed


We want to do teamwork?  Not sure if we can Take 10/20 on this but might be worth it if we can.

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Justice can't really do much magic wise (yet), but if AA allows I can use an Aid action by trying to siphon some power from her amulet and use it to boost Ouroboros? Its the one that powers pretty much everything in her suit with magic energy.

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Switching Justice's Gadgets VP to 

Full Spectrum Goggles: Super Senses 5 (Infravision, Ultravision, Analytical Full Vision, Microscopic Vision 1 [dust-sized]) {5/5PP}


Setting MOD System to TOU+15, Def+5 and MOVE System to Impervious TOU 8.

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Have an HP, @Zeitgeist Blue, for what felt like a taste of the future. 


If you can beat 25 on Notice or 20 on Survival (take 10 or 20 on either if you like, you've time), you can spot what Aquaria has spotted: 


The cultists here ate each other. There also is one robe that doesn't seem to belong to any of the dead bodies... 

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Yes, yesss. Cannibalism, not ominous at all. Though if it's a vampire and a Deep One eating a human then each other, it wouldn't really count, would it?


Salvo will Take 20 on Notice to see what Aquaria has spotted. Does this also include the robe?

What can Salvo notice about the robe too?


Take 20 + Notice 10 = 30.

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Given your high Arcane Lore, it seems reasonable to assume that this belonged to the leader of whatever cult was in process of trying to summon Vhoka. Or maybe _did_ summon Vhoka, through eating each other in gory rituals. 


This guy however did not die - at least, not physically... 

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